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  1. CZ / Brno
    I’ve got a CZ 457 Pro Varmint Chassis and love it. Now I’d like to add another precision 22 to use when friends drop by. My shortlist right now is the CZ 457 Pro Varmint and the Savage Mk II FV-SR - not exactly apples-to-apples i know but, if I’m not going to buy another CZ, I’d like to save a...
  2. Savage/Stevens
    Hey all, I just won this Sears ranger 22 in a charity raffle. I believe it may be a Stevens or Savage model. I am trying to figure out the exact model so I can start researching spare parts. The only identifier is on the barrel it says Ranger 22 long rifle. It is a magazine fed bolt action, any...
  3. Savage/Stevens
    I have this Savage NRA Match 22LR. It seems to be mostly original. I thought to post and share. I have enjoyed so many other posts here in savage forums and elsewhere. My guess is the Redfield front sight is not original? But the rear sight is original? Magazine has a button glued to bottom...
  4. Savage/Stevens
    Picked up this Savage B17 Precision a couple weeks ago. Finally got the scope in and mounted. Took it out to the range yesterday to try it out. This is now the most accurate rifle i own. Its like shooting a laser beam. 5 shots through a ragged hole at 25 and 50 yards. Hitting dead center all the...
  5. Remington Rifles
    Hi folks! I was planning on pillar bedding my 93r17. There are quite a lot of threads covering this topic, but i haven't found anyone bedding an action, that has this lug at the very back of the action. It looks like a recoil lug, but I have never seen it at the back. The action screws are at...
  6. Marlin Bolt Actions
    Hey I am gong to buy a .22 ver soon and I like these bolt guns Best... Will alll you Guys that oWn these rifles please tell me ther pros and cons. Or if you have other .22s you like please list... Under $200!
1-6 of 6 Results