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  1. Open Rimfire
    Hello! I had a couple questions related to this interesting little gun. I was just passed down one of these from my father, and it originally belonged to his grandpa. I has a 73 stamped into the frame surrounded by a circle, I'm assuming that was the year it was made? I took it to the range...
  2. Pay It Forward
    Paying it forward in gratitude of this forum and its fearless leaders. Miscellaneous piffle sitting in drawers gathering dust: 1. Bianchi Colt 357 holster #5 BHL fits Colt Pyton 6" barrel - CLAIMED 2. Hunter revolver holster - fits NM Blackhawk XR3RED / SW 629 / Colt Trooper 3 1/2"-4" 3...
1-2 of 3 Results