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  1. Sako/Tikka
    Hello! This is my first post on this lovely forum and also a desperate one... I've recently bought a used (but in great condition) first generation Sako Finnfire. I'm in love with this rifle and currently in process of setting it up to shoot it for the first time. However, today when...
  2. Sako/Tikka
    I have a used Sako P94S Finnfire Varmint I’ve been using for IBS intramural competition my little club sponsors for members. I read in the manual that it has an adjustable trigger between 4 and 2 lbs. I used a Wheeler electronic trigger weight gauge on it and the measurements varied between 8-12...
  3. Sako/Tikka
    I’ve been having a problem with failure to feed with my Sako P94S .22 Varmint rifle. (Love this rifle! So accurate it makes me look good). I bought it used 2 months ago. It just started happening this past week. To troubleshoot, I tried different ammos - failure to feed on all. It was more...
1-3 of 3 Results