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  1. Marlin Lever Actions
    I had asked a question about this model a few weeks ago and wasn't sure I was going to get it. I had searched GB and completed auctions and found two, both asking $2000 as starting bid. They "seem" to be in a little bit better condition than this one but certainly not twice as much better...
  2. Marlin Lever Actions
    Hi everyone… long story short I purchased a Marlin model 57m project for my daughter’s first “real” gun. I’m not a gunsmith, but I am a machinist. I have put the rifle back together a few times and the bolt will only stay cam up and locked if I am holding upward pressure on the lever. I’ve put...
  3. Open Rimfire
    Last year I disassembled a Marlin 917V rifle for a good cleaning, and I finally got back to putting it together this week. I recall seeing a thick amber colored grease in the coils of the striker spring when I first disassembled and cleaned it. Am I misremembering that, or was there really a...
  4. Marlin Bolt Actions
    Hey I am gong to buy a .22 ver soon and I like these bolt guns Best... Will alll you Guys that oWn these rifles please tell me ther pros and cons. Or if you have other .22s you like please list... Under $200!
1-4 of 4 Results