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  1. Scopes, Sights, Rings, Mounts & Other Optics
    Hi, My Dad is wanting a stainless steel scope to mount his Marlin 60SB, and I'm having a hard time locating stainless steel mounts. Now, I know very little about guns. Do I need a mount and rings for the scope or just the mount? Also, any scope recommendations suitable for a gift would be...
  2. Marlin Semiautomatic
    Hey all this is my first time posting on the forum, and it may be a white rhino kind of hunt for me at this point...but here goes. I have a 1977 Glennfield Model 60 it also has the Marlin branded model 400A 4x32mm fixed power optic on it(which is pretty amazing in quality) that was inherited...
1-2 of 2 Results