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  1. High Standard
    I picked up another HS Sport King which was in lightly used condition very recently. There were a few simple issues to correct, mostly cleaning and oiling. After the first trip to the range, enjoying 100% reliability and super nice accuracy for a SK (103), later while taking the barrel off I...
  2. High Standard
    Did High Standard (of old) make these walnut grips? Standard grip with no thumb rest. Sparx
  3. High Standard
    Asking opinions on value of this pistol. It is a one owner, I bought it back around 1964, I think. Competed with it for several years, but in Fine condition. I am downsizing and can't take firearms to next place.. Appreciate any info that you may care to provide, Thanks.
  4. High Standard
    I just dropped the slide on my High Standard Supermatic Citation Military Model 106. I cannot see any damage, but I can no longer fit the slide onto the frame. Any recommendations for a gunsmith who might be able to fix this problem? I live outside the Phila area. Thank you. Todd
  5. High Standard
    Anyone know what the twist rate on the High Standard Sport King Model 103 is supposed to be and whether it's RH or LH...? I have two 4-1/2" barrels for mine; one with a RH twist chambered for .22 LR and the other with a LH twist chambered for .22 Short both of which seem to be about a 1:1o or 12...
1-5 of 5 Results