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  1. Russian Rimfires & Biathlon
    Now i have looked on this forum for guide's on disasembling the bolt, but with no luck nothing has worked. I have the one with the two position safety pin. Do i need to knock this out? Have tryed all the other methods on here that i could find.
  2. Remington Rifles
    It’s serial is 76006, other than that, it has an RW above the serial, patent info, and “22 short long and long rifle” pictures may be found here Keep in mind that these are the only markings so it doesn’t have the post 1921 date code.
  3. Open Rimfire
    I've come across an early example of a Reising pistol that id like to get running. It is marked in the less than 1100 serial number range, made in Hartford CT. I am missing the barrel lock. I purchased a replacment but it has the semi round piece on the end. The diagrams I can find show a...
1-4 of 4 Results