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  1. CZ / Brno
    Hello folks, These were my last five zero check / groups from a cold clean bore. The round coin measures 0.70 of an inch. The hexagonal coin measures 0.84 of an inch. The groups are at 56 yards with the exception of one group which was 27 yards using a HAWKE Vantage x2 -x7 32mm A.O. scope with...
  2. CZ / Brno
    Hello all. 😊 Just a little overview video on my thoughts about the 457. Very, very happy I own this rifle.😊Literally nothing I would change. It is as out of the box. Thanks.
  3. .22 Ammunition (S-L-LR)
    Hi guys, just a discussional point regarding shooting match ammunition (22lr) vs factory ammunition in a low end rifle. My question is that because match ammo should theoretically be more consistent hence the price, is it then reasonable to expect it to shoot best in most guns? Why/why not...
  4. .22 Ammunition (S-L-LR)
    I recently picked up a CZ457 PVC with the 16” threaded barrel, put an Area 419 50MOA base on it and dropped an Arken 4-16x50 MIL/MIL on top. Other than swapping out the factory pistol grip for one from LaRue, adding a Matador Arms folding stock adapter and an Area 419 bolt knob, I’ve left it...
1-4 of 4 Results