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  1. Want To Buy or Trade
    Wanted To Buy: MDT LSS GEN2 Chassis for the Savage B22. With or without a rear tube and buttstock. Any muted neutral color is OK, Black, FDE, Camo, etc... Please send me a pic of what you got.
  2. Anschutz
    Okay, some purists on here will inevitably think I am committing the greatest of all sins, but I had been contemplating for some time already the idea of turning my elderly Anschütz 54 Match rifle into something more than just a "match rifle" and, by so doing, take advantage of her incredible...
  3. Savage/Stevens
    Picked up this Savage B17 Precision a couple weeks ago. Finally got the scope in and mounted. Took it out to the range yesterday to try it out. This is now the most accurate rifle i own. Its like shooting a laser beam. 5 shots through a ragged hole at 25 and 50 yards. Hitting dead center all the...
  4. Rifle
    A few years back I picked up an FNH TSR XP in 308 WIN with a 20” barrel. This gun is accurate - it’ll shoot any ammunition I feed it into sub-MOA groups. The action is silk smooth. It handles well and the weight is just about perfect. Everything about the gun is wonderful... except that awful...
1-4 of 4 Results