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  1. Open Rimfire
    Help me decide. Looking to get a bolt action rimfire and have looked at A LOT of options. I've got a marlin 60 which is good for hunting/plinking. But I'd like to get a bolt action rifle for maybe getting into competing or benchrest and could take it hunting if I wanted to. So here's what I'm...
  2. Savage/Stevens
    Hey all, I just won this Sears ranger 22 in a charity raffle. I believe it may be a Stevens or Savage model. I am trying to figure out the exact model so I can start researching spare parts. The only identifier is on the barrel it says Ranger 22 long rifle. It is a magazine fed bolt action, any...
  3. CZ / Brno
    Hello Ladies and Gentleman, as a new shooter i'm in need of expert advice/knowledge. I recently impulse bought a CZ452 Varmint for $1200AUD at my local dealer, but after doing some research i'm wondering if i made a mistake...
  4. Marlin Bolt Actions
    Hey I am gong to buy a .22 ver soon and I like these bolt guns Best... Will alll you Guys that oWn these rifles please tell me ther pros and cons. Or if you have other .22s you like please list... Under $200!
1-4 of 4 Results