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  1. Bergara
    Has any tested accuracy difference in the the two? I have a bmr steel currently shoots sub 1/2” consistently very occasionally get groups less 1/4”. Does factory b-14 shoot sub 1/4” consistant? Curious before i spend that kind of money?
  2. Open Rimfire
    Help me decide. Looking to get a bolt action rimfire and have looked at A LOT of options. I've got a marlin 60 which is good for hunting/plinking. But I'd like to get a bolt action rifle for maybe getting into competing or benchrest and could take it hunting if I wanted to. So here's what I'm...
  3. Bergara
    I've been messing around with my BMR lately and, for some reason, I decided to uncock the bolt and look at the end of the firing pin. I wasn't impressed by what I saw. Then I took out a few fired cases that I use for dry firing and tested the strike. It's the worst I've ever seen in any rimfire...
  4. Bergara B14R Steel

    My newest project.
  5. Bergara
    While I have done some work with th BMR and EC tuner with Tac 22 previously, those sessions were not seen as through as they didn't explore findings across days/sessions. This video features the results from a mediocre lot of Tac 22 (for this rifle) over 2 sessions. I used this lot of Tac 22 as...
1-5 of 7 Results