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  1. Handgun Parts- For Sale
    Less than 500 rounds through it. Front sight included. Excellent, bright, shiny bore. $65 shipped.
    $65 USD
  2. Other Rifle Parts - For Sale
    Cz 457 barrel off of a varmint rifle 20.5” $172 shipped . This barrel is a shooter comes with a mag for $185 . I will ship with insurance.
    $172 USD
  3. Other Rifle Parts - For Sale
    Looking to purchase a 22lr barrel for a cz 457 . Seeing what’s available on the used or new but no longer going to be used market as the barrel I would like to try is a long ways out and I would like to get shooting .
    $123 USD
  4. Other Rifle Parts - For Sale
    I have two 20.5 inch varmint contour cz 455/457 barrels that I would like to sell or trade I will sell both together for 300 or trade for a nice match 22lr barrel or I will hold onto one and trade one straight across for a factory cz22lr barrel in varmint contour both barrels shoot very well...
    $300 USD
  5. New Member Introductions
    Already found some good threads on the the A17 looking forward to asking some questions.
  6. 10/22 Parts - For Sale
    Ruger Charger Factory OEM 8" Threaded Barrel and Rear Pic Rail Stock from Model 4938 Also includes bipod shown New unfired, take off from Ruger Charger Model 4938 Contiguous US only - Shipping included in the $150
    $150 USD
  7. Other Rifle Parts - For Sale
    ** price reduced to $165 on 2/21 Cz 457/455 22lr factory barrel ~24.5 inches. Very good condition with no major scratches, dings, or corrosion apparent. Iron sights: front hooded and rear tangent Price includes shipping in the continental USA
    $165 USD
  8. CZ / Brno
    Shilen? Hart ? IBI? Walther Lothar? Lilja? There's a bunch. I assume all are pretty good but are they all better than the CZ match barrel?
  9. Winchester Rifles
    My dad passed away last year and left us some old “farm” guns. It’s a late production Winchester 61 with a grooved receiver in .22lr (S, L, LR.) I’m not even sure of this particular guns’ history. So I wouldn’t say it has much sentimental value, but I would like to keep this is the family. I...
  10. CZ / Brno
    A few days ago I ventured out to make my 457 fit me and my use of it a little better. The pictures are pretty self explanatory but.. I took 4 inches off the barrel making it a 16.5” better suited for hunting in the woods. I also did not like how heavy the rifle was and this took off around a...
  11. Handgun Parts- For Sale
    We have a custom barrel for the Taurus TX22 pistol. The original barrel was drilled out completely and a liner was made out of a Ruger 1022 blank. This was then inserted and epoxied into the TX barrel... Next a 1" round of aluminum was drilled out to cover the extension... This not only has a...
    $25 USD
  12. High Standard
    I am considering getting an LSP barrel for my high standard. The LSP bull barrel at Brownells is not overely expensive and if I hold out for an incentive email the price will be some lower. Problem is I still use iron sights, and as you know the barrel is without sights. I have no machinist...
  13. Anything 10/22
    I put one up for sale in the "10/22 parts" section of the classifieds if anyone is interested.
1-13 of 13 Results