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  1. Other Rifle Parts - For Sale
    Red Field sun sights of anschutz very thing is here front and rear
    $275 USD
  2. Other - For Sale
    Stock is in great shape has action screws
    $350 USD
  3. Rifles Only - For Sale
    With reluctance I am selling my Weatherby XXII bolt action 22lr. Only fired by the factory, I am the only owner and it was only kept in a safe. No marks, scratches and has a beautiful stock. 23" barrel. If you don't know this has an Anschutz action and barrel. Included is the original box, 5...
    $1,800 USD
  4. Anschutz
    Okay, some purists on here will inevitably think I am committing the greatest of all sins, but I had been contemplating for some time already the idea of turning my elderly Anschütz 54 Match rifle into something more than just a "match rifle" and, by so doing, take advantage of her incredible...
  5. Other Rifle Parts - For Sale
    NOW FOR ANSCHUTZ & CZ I've been asked if I make the mag / bolt block range safety devices that have become popular. I now offer one for Anschutz rifles. It should work fine in the Exemplars as well This is inserted into the mag well with the bolt open so the bolt can't be closed and the...
    $15 USD
  6. Anschutz
    I have a Anschutz-Savage Model 54 Sporter made in 1974, it was given to me in perfect condition with holes in the receiver for a scope mount. I want to put a scope on it but I know nothing about scopes/mounts and I want to be certain what I get will work before dropping $200+. What models of...
  7. Other - For Sale
    I have this Anschutz Sport bipod that appears totally unused in the factory bag. there are no slide marks in the block, and no marks on the rubber feet. The ID of the slot is .380", and the width of the block is .510". Bag is not in the best condition, but the bipod is fine! As the address...
    $25 USD
  8. Anschutz
    I was recently given an Anshcutz 22lr. I really don’t know anything about it. I was wondering if someone could help me tell the model and the year of manufacture?
  9. Silhouette Shooting
    I’m looking at buying a used Wooster Hunter class silhouette stock, but weighing my options for just holding out for a used complete 1712 in the factory wood stock. What sort of questions should I be asking about the stock fit? What custom measurements should I be concerned about when looking...
  10. Other Rifle Parts - For Sale
    These are 3D printed stock spacers that are based on the general shape and size of the Anschutz 4709P that's intended for use with the 4709A plate and guide. Each spacer is 8mm thick like the Anschutz one is. I'm selling in sets of 3 spacers for $25.00 including shipping to anywhere in the U.S...
    $25 USD
  11. Other Rifle Parts - For Sale
    PLEASE NOTE: PRICES VARY DEPENDING ON THE MODEL. SEE DETAILS FOR EACH ITEM. LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS After using a CZ OEM single shot adapter for a few seasons I noticed it's begun to crack. It still functions fine but I started looking at alternatives. I saw the 3D printed ones...
    $14 USD
1-11 of 11 Results