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  1. Rifles Only - For Sale
    I have a very nice original Remington 513T Matchmaster. Has correct matching sights and 5 shot magazine. Very nice bore and bluing. $700obo. Will meet most anywhere in central MN for the right deal. Will also ship to your ffl at your expense. Will email/text more photos at request. Thank Brent...
    $700 USD
  2. Want To Buy or Trade
    I have Grandfathers old wards model 38 and I would like to find a few missing parts in order to hand it down. The rifle is in great shape except for the fact it’s missing the complete bolt and trigger assembly. Willing to buy parts or complete rifle. I understand the mod 38 was the same as the...
  3. .22 Ammunition (S-L-LR)
    I had loaded 25 rounds of this ammunition and fired this ammo in my S&W M&P15-22. 17 rounds had what looks as if excessive pressure upon firing pin strike enough to split the case, or separate the the head from the case or bulge the head of the primer area so as the empty case wobbles on a flat...
  4. Other Rifle Parts - For Sale
    ** price reduced to $165 on 2/21 Cz 457/455 22lr factory barrel ~24.5 inches. Very good condition with no major scratches, dings, or corrosion apparent. Iron sights: front hooded and rear tangent Price includes shipping in the continental USA
    $165 USD
  5. Remington Model 597
    I have a reminghton 597 22lr, I'm trying to build it to be a target gun. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good aftermarket barrel to use for it. Thank you!
  6. Savage/Stevens
    I found this old gem in an old safe found a ton of overspray and thought I try my best to clean it up. got it almost completely dissembled and now I'm stuck. I cant get the mag tube to separate from the loading mechanism. I don't quite know if anyone could help it is greatly appreciated I know...
  7. CZ / Brno
    Hi, I have a BRNO model 5 that I am extremely satisfied with. However, the stock has taken some damage over the years and I was wondering if anyone can guide me with aftermarket stock options that will fit a model 5? Tank guys!
  8. For Sale BRNO Model 4

    Rifles Only - For Sale
    A very nice BRNO Model 4 with globe front sight, Ghemann adjustable read sight aperture (0.5 to 3.0 mm), shade tube for rear sight. Manufactured in 1956. Stock has typical handling marks, but is really in very good shape. No cracks in the stock. I have a 5-round magazine and also a single...
    $1,000 USD
  9. Browning Rifles
    Well, I traded for this beautiful rifle! It was the last one I was looking for to add to the collection. I couldn't pass up the wood and perfection on this one. I added a vintage Leupold vari-x II 2-7 😍😍😍. Can't wait to get it out and shoot it. The action is almost as smooth as my Henry...
  10. Savage/Stevens
    Hey all, I just won this Sears ranger 22 in a charity raffle. I believe it may be a Stevens or Savage model. I am trying to figure out the exact model so I can start researching spare parts. The only identifier is on the barrel it says Ranger 22 long rifle. It is a magazine fed bolt action, any...
  11. Savage/Stevens
    I have this Savage NRA Match 22LR. It seems to be mostly original. I thought to post and share. I have enjoyed so many other posts here in savage forums and elsewhere. My guess is the Redfield front sight is not original? But the rear sight is original? Magazine has a button glued to bottom...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, I just moved to TX from CA and not even a month after moving here and I'm getting into firearms. I just bought myself a CZ 457 Varmint and am really looking forward to taking it to the range. I also bought a Vortex Crossfire II 4-16 X50 AO scope, a DIP 457 rail and some Vortex Pro High...
  13. Anything 10/22
    I have just gotten a new to me ruger precision 22lr and it is missing the mag I found one online but I am wondering is there any other name brand mags that will fit it in the meantime so I can look around locally and don’t have to wait. Thanks.
  14. .22 Ammunition (S-L-LR)
    I’ve got a 100 meter range on my property where I enjoy shoot my CZ 457 Varmint Chassis. I built a KYL target (2” to 1/4” in 1/4” increments) and like shooting paper for group size but I’m struggling to find an ammunition that strikes the right balance of acceptable (to me) accuracy and cost...
  15. Open Rimfire
    Hello! I had a couple questions related to this interesting little gun. I was just passed down one of these from my father, and it originally belonged to his grandpa. I has a 73 stamped into the frame surrounded by a circle, I'm assuming that was the year it was made? I took it to the range...
  16. CZ / Brno
    Have a CZ 22 LR conversion upper assembly and bunch of mags, anyone know when and where these were made? Mind the Spike’s lower LOL, they were on sale for stupid cheap.
  17. Misc -- Other Rimfire Rifle Brands
    Hey guys, just picked up a chiappa m1 carbine 22lr. I know these rifles have a bad rep, mine works fine i just got it for fun to add to my collection, however the trigger i beleive could be greatly improved. I havent broken the trigger group down yet but the trigger springs look very similar to...
  18. Rimfire Revolvers
    Well it was finally my turn for some good luck. I have been wanting a 22LR revolver for some time now, to go with the few semi automatics I own. I have looked at local gun shows (nobody seems to bring nice guns to gun shows to sell) and a local online classified. Nothing. Meanwhile, I enjoy...
1-18 of 18 Results