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  1. CZ / Brno
    Hi all, I am after a peep sight my my grand fathers old Brno mod 2 (78). Has anyone installed a skinner peep sight on a Brno mod 2 Wanting some advice / guidance before I order one (I’m in Australia so could potentially be a hassle) Easy fit? Stock front sight ok with it? Does the rear...
  2. Mauser
    Hello everyone. New member here. I got this rifle given to me by my grandfather and looking to identify and get some info on it. mauser-werke ag. oberndorf a.n is printed on it and numbers seem to match all around. Attached is some pics. Please let me know if you need others to help identifying...
  3. Want To Buy or Trade
    Want to buy a Ruger 40th Anniversary MK II pistol. Any condition, with/without the display case. Email me thx
  4. Marlin Bolt Actions
    Hey I am gong to buy a .22 ver soon and I like these bolt guns Best... Will alll you Guys that oWn these rifles please tell me ther pros and cons. Or if you have other .22s you like please list... Under $200!
1-4 of 4 Results