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      I bought a Savage Rascal -the action is very small in diameter so standard bases don't work ,Savage sells bases for the tiny rifle but they stick up off the receiver way too high .
      Even with low rings a small scope will ride too high for my taste --anybody know off hand who makes the lowest rings.

      Just thinking/hoping someone can save me having to search specs for half a day.
      Thanks -Mike
      In addition to the super low Burris the Leupold Rifleman are lower, the Weaver Brand Top Mount are the lowest of any Weaver-style rings I know of.

      The Rifleman rings are very nice and low cost rings. You should be prepared to lap them. I used 220 wet dry sand paper wet molded to 1" o.d. steel tubing. Soak the wet/dry sand-paper, roll up and insert into tube and allow dry. The sand paper will self wrap nice and tight. Simply back/forth sand until scope tube seats fully into saddle. The lap the rings down until they sit right. Easy to do. After that they are excellent rings and easy to install scope. The saddle height listed in the Midway specs is dead on. The only down side to these imo is that one needs the correct allen wrench to on/off.


      The Weaver Brand Top Mount LOW are even lower than they are spec'd at. The style of ring hold down is what allows them to get so low. It also makes them a harder ring to install on the scope. The need a lot of lapping and TLC fitting to fit and function properly. However, once on right, they are fabulous. The coin-slot nuts make on/off as fast and easy as can be.


      Assuming you have a 3/8" dove tail and can't use any Weaver-style 7/8" rail, cross bolt design rings you need these low profile adapters to complete the installation using any of the above Weaver-style rings.


      This is a 1" tube scope set in Weaver Top Mount LOW rings adapted to a 3/8" grooved receiver with UTG low profile adapters. As you can see this 28mm objective scope couldn't be mounted much lower without touching the receiver/barrel of the gun. Additionally, I intentionally installed the rings one way in the front and the opposite way in the rear. I have my reasons for liking it that way. The nut side has better clearance for accessing the ultra-low profile, finger-adjustable turrets on that scope and the non-nut side allows better access to the ejection port. I prefer to have the best of both worlds in usage over any fetish for symmetry or whatever. The nice part of that for you all is that you get to see both sides of the rings in the same view.

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      Leupold VX-1 2-7x28mm rimfire ultralight fine duplex. Weighs only 8oz. 10oz with rings.


      The rings are Weaver TOP MOUNT LOW. They are made to fit a standard Weaver 7/8" rail with cross slots. These are THE lowest rings I know of made for a tip off rail. Note they have coin-slot, knurled, round nuts on the cross-bolts for fast/easy on/off.

      The nuts are on opposing sides to do two things for me at once. One is easier access to the low profile windage turrets. The other is greater access and better view of the ejection port.


      Also note that while this is about the lowest one can mount any scope or dot on a Henry rail that this particular scope, because of its unique dimensions, has lots of clearance and easy access (w/o a thumb extender) to the hammer and at the same time gets far enough back to make the eye relief very good with a comfortable, mostly upright (similar to iron sights) position. Other scopes with larger ocular bells and/or larger diameter adjustment rings and/or shorter distance from ocular lens to turrets do not mount/fit/clear nearly as nice as this particular scope. Details are important imo to keep the gun as close to an iron sight comfort, function, feel, weight, balance, handling as possible.

      The Frontier has a 3/8" grooved receiver with no cross slots made for "rimfire" rings which even the lowest ones are way too high imo. The rings shown are adapted to the grooved receiver with UTG brand "Weaver" to "rimfire/airgun" low-profile adapters which work great.


      The Top Mount rings are a butt pain to install. They need lapping and tweaking to fit right. It takes a little patience but the results are worth it imo.

      To lap the rings all you need is a 1" o.d. steel tube and some 220grit wet dry sand paper. They will tweak/tune right up and be very sweet from that point on.

      Nothing to it but a little TLC.

      My photography is not the best but I am convinced after having tried to live with irons (including peeps), a couple different dots, this scope/ring/adapter set up is the hot ticket.

      I should also note that I have installed and used a Nikon 4x32mm and a Weaver RV-9 scope on this gun and they were doable but nowhere near as perfect as this VX-1 in any category you can name.

      Additionally, I might add that the scope stays set on 2x all the time even when shooting at 100yds off hand. The only time I crank it up is for shooting paper from a rest. The problem with the 2x fixed scopes imo is the short tube length on the ocular bell side which makes eye relief with the right head position more difficult.

      The fixed 4x scopes, imo, are too much magnification for fast target acquisition which pretty much kills the fun for me.

      Therefore, I find the super-clear, fine-duplex, 2x to be ideal 90% of the time and the fact that the 2-7x (as opposed to a fixed 2x or 4x) have too short of tube length to be just right. The extra weight of the 2-7x in this case is nill. The extended tube length needed for the zoom ring makes it perfect.

      Compare the good but different dimensions and imo not as clear Weaver RV-7 scope to the VX-1 and one will see that the distance from the rear of the turret to the ocular lens is quite a bit shorter with the same eye relief. This will cause one to have hunt for the eye position and be less comfortable head position.

      Of course one can adapt to less ideal set up but the trick is to know what works and why prior to buying the wrong scope/rings regardless of the price.


      I measured the clearance between the bottom of the objective bell and the top of the barrel on mine with the set up as shown and it is exactly .185" on the money.

      EDIT: I have received a pm asking for more details on how to lap/install those rings/adapters.

      This was my reply:

      The rings I used are the lowest rings overall that I know of that will do and that is important imo. You might not agree. Everyone is different. They are NOT the easiest to fit onto scope. In order to avoid damage to scope I highly recommend you 'dry-fit' them onto tubing first prior to putting them onto the scope. You will want to tweak/bend/sand until fitment is perfect such that rings assemble onto tube with ease and you get the 'hang of it' as to how best to put them on. That includes making sure that the screws go in without any trouble. The holes should be made to line up perfectly on the dry-fit and that the threads are all clean, lubed. I ALWAYS use assembly lube on the screw threads and make sure they start/thread all the way in and back out a few times each prior to attempting to dry-fit onto tubing or scope.
      I use Frog Lube or spindle oil for assembly lube but 1 drop of any light weight machine oil will do nicely. Assembly lube ensures uniform seating w/o binding and minimal torque with maximum clamp pressure all at the same time. The screws will not back out. Do not use Loctite or other binding. It sounds like a lot of extra whatever but it is really not much effort and like they say, pay now or pay later. Prep on tubing instead of scope means they go on like child's play and that is the key to not messing up your expensive Leupold scope.

      All you need is a 1" o.d. tube approximately 1' long and some 400grit wet/dry sand paper. Use steel because the dimensions of steel tubing are more precise than typical AL tubing. Use 400grit wet/dry because it is both thin and abrasive enough. Soak sand paper and roll up lengthwise and insert it into the tubing and let dry overnight. When dry it will wrap itself tightly around tube.

      Once you have the rings installed on the steel tubing go ahead and mount the steel tubing on the rifle using the UTG adapters. Having ironed it all out nice and smooth prior to putting the scope on will really pay off when you start to have to move the scope around inside the rings for the correct eye relief.

      Also, you should be thinking about getting a leather-wrap type cheek rest. With the Henry being 'western' there are lace-on in 'cowboy' style that you can stuff various riser pads into/under to get what you want. I highly recommend setting it all up such that you cannot put your head down on the stock and not have your eye in perfect position for the scope.

      The best place to learn the ins/outs of this is on youtube search NSSF and Ryan Cleckner's 'how to set up a scope for success' forgive me if I don't have the spelling and exact title. You will find it if you look. Very popular.
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      Not familiar with the 9422. However, odds are it is a true 3/8" dovetail. Either way, UTG low profile adapters will allow you to install Weaver 7/8" dovetail rings on your 9422 even if it has 11mm dovetail. Cross-slots are not required to mount the adapters. The adapters provide a cross slot for the 7/8" dovetail rings which do require cross slots.

      Now the 1022 rails/rings I am very familiar with. The oem rails are nothing but trouble. Say good-bye to it now and save yourself a lot of time, frustration, and probably money too!

      If you want a tip-off rail for your 1022 that has both a true 3/8" dovetail and a 7/8" dovetail combination on the same rail with cross-slots for the 7/8" dovetail rings you should get a WEAVER-brand, Weaver-style TO-9 tip-off rail. It is the lowest profile and sleekest rail you can get. They are CHEAP. However, unlike other cheap rails, they fit/function PERFECTLY with Weaver brand rings. They can be positioned several ways for various offsets. The ONLY draw back to them is they only have two cross slots. However, with a hack saw and file you can make new ones wherever you want if those two are not compatible with the rings spacing on the scope you need for your 9422.

      Of course, you can use the 3/8" UTG adapters on your TO-9 rail which will let you swap directly and precisely and securely from 1022 to 9422.

      Then you want WEAVER brand, Weaver-style rings with coin-slot nuts for fast/easy on/off for swapping from one to another. If you want the lowest of the low rings with coin-nuts get the Top Mount Low rings. If you want taller get the Quad Locks in MED, HIGH, or extra High.

      The rail you really want:


      Quad Lock MED rings: My all time favorites bar none.


      The adapters that will fit both the TO-9 rail, the factory rail (if you MUST), the 9422 or any other 3/8 or 11mm grooves. I have used them on vintage bolt action and currently have a set installed on my Henry Frontier 22lr:

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      From another thread. The need for these adapters comes up a LOT. :) I could take that scope exactly as you see it and put it directly on to my 1022 with TO-9 rail if I wanted to. Note that in the picture I have the nuts alternating. That is to give greater access to the turrets and chamber at the same time without regard for aesthetics or symmetry.

      Been using the UTG low profile adapters for a long time and they work great imo.

      They are spring loaded.

      Currently use them on my Henry Frontier. You can see them peeking out behind the Weaver Top Mount LOW ring bases. That is a 28mm objective VX-1 scope and it is LOW to the bore with regular 7/8" dovetail rings adapted to a 3/8" dovetail receiver rail.

      CHEAP to buy too.


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      CZ 453 Varmint with fluted barrel in 17 HMR

      Weaver Grand Slam 5-20x50 Varmint EBX Reticle

      I used a set of these so I could use weaver style Burris Signature Z Rings (can't think of the ring height at the moment)







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      Got mine last week.....nice wood

      Mounted a Leupold VX-Freedom Rimfire 3-9x40

      with silver/aluminum rings....looks sharp

      Used these so I could use weaver rings https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007BNHFLQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

      Bore sighted but not cleaned or sighted in yet

      Hope to have that done soon and have some pictures to post:D:D

      I can't wait to see the pictures. I really like my 50th anniversary Model 60. The walnut stock sets it off real nice.
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