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.22 LR 10-Round Rotary Magazine - Clear

$27 USD
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Shopruger.com is describing the standard clear mags theyre selling as being 40th anniversary. Fom their website *Detailed Description 10/22, 10/22T - 40th Anniversary 22 Caliber ... more
Fair enough... Mistakes happen but it's the actual item that shows up with model numbers and Sku's that tell the story.... I'm willing to bet the mags shipping from ruger as "40th" ... more

Tap & Rack mentioned in 10rd Clr Mags Instock

Re: Clear 10 round magazine They can be ordered from Ruger here ( limit 5 ) $24.95 [link] T&R

RCP Phx mentioned in 10rd Clr Mags Instock

They are not in stock!

Tap & Rack mentioned in Clear 10 round box mags

Shop Ruger shows them for $24.95 ( Limit 5 ) [link] T&R

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