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.22 LR 1-Round Rotary Magazine-ShopRuger

$24 USD
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trailrunner72 mentioned in 10/22 question

Ruger does have a single round magazine for the 10/22. I don't know your country or their laws for purchasing magazines but this can be bought from Cheaper Than Dirt for about ... more

86c mentioned in BX-15 magazine

I think that is typical retail website error/typo. You can see from the link to Ruger that the 1rd rotary-style mag is a BX-1-1 and not a BX-11 [link] It should be BX1-5. That ... more

charon79m mentioned in Single shot mag wanted

Yes, this is a single shot magazine. As was said before, in order to use this, you must remove the magazine, insert a round into it, insert the magazine, fire the round, then repeat. ... more
What about buying one of the BX-1-1 mags from Ruger? Some say they're pointless, but it won't accept more than 1 round, and will be cheaper than any "drop-in" conversion. The JG ... more
You can load a semi auto with one round it would be about the same as a single shot bolt. Ruger also makes a 1 round mag [link] If you need a shorter stock brownells sells one ... more

plarkinjr mentioned in Single Round Magazine???

So, I ran across this 1-round magazine from Ruger: [link] Is it a real mag that holds only accepts one round? (what's the use of that???) Or is it kind of a single-fire loading ... more
There is - Ruger sells a 10/22 accessory single-shot rotary magazine for $22 that will fit & function in a 77/22: [link] [link] .

zymurgeist mentioned in 10/22s and kids?

There are single round rotary magazines for the 10/22 if you want to slow them down some.

Rat458 mentioned in CZ Scout or Ruger RAR Compact

I bought a RAR compact to teach my grandkids with and I am very happy with it. It digests everything with no problems and is accurate to boot. Might have to buy them another one ... more

satchel22 mentioned in Youth rifle thoughts

My son is starting to get to the age where I'm thinking about getting him his own gun. My thoughts are I can buy him the standard youth gun (T/C hot shot, Cricket etc) Or I can ... more

crackedcornish mentioned in Single round loading?

so, ejecting an empty, then single loading the mag and reinserting it between shots would accomplish what you seek :D [link] [link] seriously though, you might be able to modify ... more

Ram Rod mentioned in Receiver modifications

Personally....if it were me......I wouldn't be loading through the ejection port. I'd be loading my rounds through the mag well in this instance. I also seem to remember Ruger ... more
Have you considered the Ruger BX-1? [link]
I have one that is used for teaching new shooters. As I have a RAR and a couple of 10/22's its handy to have around.

Pete44ru mentioned in Single Shot Adapter

. $22.00 - It's a 10/22 accessory, but fits/functions in a 77/22. [link] [link]

Hacker mentioned in Single shot magazine?

Found it. Item title was misleading. He re

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