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.175" Target Scope Base

$16 USD
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I D&T'd both of our 10/22 receivers for a target sight base. Picked the largest OD receiver application and didn't worry about the curve in the backside of the mount. Something ... more

22AGS mentioned in parker hale unertl style scope bases

Here's what you're looking for. Brownells has the old-style target scope bases for Lyman Unertl et al, in the scope base/ring/sight section of their catalog. Three different heights, ... more
I've fitted Lyman MJT Rear sights (with this base) and 93 target front sights (with this base) to a couple bull-barreled 10/22's and a Glenfield model 25. Well worth the effort ... more

Kevin6q mentioned in Adding Iron Sights

I purchased a 17YR Buckaroo for my daughter. The stock was too long so I restocked the action and barrel and added apperature sights. The rear is an older Anchutes biathlon sight ... more

AzizaVFR mentioned in 1924 52 Update w/ pictures

Sights for your M52 If you are trying to find sights to fit your rifle, you have a couple of options. The correct front sight is a Lyman 17A. Brownells sells various heights here. ... more

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