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10/22® Threaded Barrel - Stainless-ShopRuger

$230 USD
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a heavy taper should fit with just a little sanding and a modified barrel band..may screw up the balance of the rifle though Tactical Innovations offers SS threaded sporters in ... more
it doesn't get any easier than just getting a factory threaded barrel. either used or new, they have a front sight [link] just click on the link in my previous post...it will take ... more
I'd have to agree with you although $200 and up is not everyone's definition of "easy". Except for the front sight, I did a lot better than that from Feddersen and CZ for a 10/22 ... more
Looks like you can buy it directly from Ruger. Ruger hammer forged barrel
Thanks. I am actually looking for this one. [link] I had no idea direct from Ruger was an option.
Thanks! Didn't realize they'd be so spendy 😬

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