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10/22® Target Barrel - Stainless-ShopRuger

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I recently purchased a Ruger 10/22 Target Barrel - Stainless. 10/22® Target Barrel - StainlessIt shined up very nicely. The external surface, on the flats, appeared to have the same appearance as a flat mill file, not as pronounced, but that is the pattern-was not shiny in the least, and covered with a thick wax-feeling ... more
Thanks. I am actually looking for this one. [link] I had no idea direct from Ruger was an option.
I bought mine from them last year. Looks great on the black 10/22T with the nutmeg stock, and shoots better than the black. Not a Kidd, but a good value. Added a Kidd two-stage trigger at 8/8oz.
you guys are getting off track talking about different barrels the OP asked about the Hammer Forged Target barrels...they're easy to identify, they're straight .920" barrels with this [link] stamped into them...and available directly from Ruger for $100 for the blued, and $120 for SS they're not the same as the heavy tapered ... more
I didnt realize he was talking about the T barrel at first, as they are all hammer forged.
Or get a 10/22 Target barrel from Ruger. Blued [link] Stainless [link]
I believe the barrels available through CDNN are the same barrels Ruger uses on their target models. Either way I would recommend sending it to CPC to have it shoot to its full ... more
Midway and Brownells sell these Ruger factory barrels too. Midway has the stainless for $99.99: [link]

Protongunner mentioned in Barreling another 10-22

The Ruger website has those spiral target barrels for $99 blued or $119 stainless. I've never owned one but seen lots of good reviews on them. At that price it's very tempting to give one a try. [link] [link] FWIW, I just recently picked up a threaded 20-in Kidd heavy barrel and like it alot.

GT_80 mentioned in 10/22 target stainless model

"recessed target crown and spiral design" [link] I thought I had read that it had a target chamber and better trigger group originally as well, but can't find it on Ruger's website. The new target models are very different. Maybe the better accuracy comes from from the heavy barrel.
I think any accuracy improvement over the Carbine comes from the added stiffness of the barrel and heavier laminate stock...and honestly, I've seen the same or better accuracy from the mannlichers, especially the laminate stock versions
here's a pic from CPC's site that shows the results of the mod..haven't had it done personally, but I like how it looks [link] I just picked up one of these Target stocks from ... more
well, they look pretty, you can buy them fairly cheap, directly from Ruger, Randy at CPC does a great job of working them over, and you can probably get a barrel that will shoot ... more

jcrowleyiv mentioned in Ruger hammer forged barrels

:yeahthat::yeahthat::yeahthat::yeahthat: The creviced gentleman of Cornwall has once again shared sage advise, very succinctly too!! Regards, John

nodak mentioned in Spiral Hammer Forged OEM barrel sale

Bearcat and Crackcornish turned me onto the deal and I found a free shipping code. Promo code 1022 gets free shipping on any order over $10.22 SS barrel [link] Blued barrel [link]

1Rudedawg mentioned in Happy belated 10/22 day

Out of stock [link] as well as the blued [link]

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