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10/22® Target Barrel - Blued-ShopRuger

$100 USD
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Or get a 10/22 Target barrel from Ruger. Blued [link] Stainless [link]
I believe the barrels available through CDNN are the same barrels Ruger uses on their target models. Either way I would recommend sending it to CPC to have it shoot to its full ... more
Midway and Brownells sell these Ruger factory barrels too. Midway has the stainless for $99.99: [link]

Hawkeye57 mentioned in Newb Barrel questions

I would get a Kidd. But I'll bet this is the barrel that you are trying to find. [link]

NicholsT55 mentioned in Newb Barrel questions

Can anyone tell me how well those Ruger Target barrels actually shoot? Aside from the guy who said he's getting 1 MOA groups with bulk ammo at 100 yards, there in the reviews. ... more

chinaboy mentioned in Newb Barrel questions

You found my barrel!!! I think the gun I was referring to has a 16" barrel and this one is 20" but it is virtually identical. Haha, I guess it makes sense to look for a Ruger part ... more

Protongunner mentioned in Barreling another 10-22

The Ruger website has those spiral target barrels for $99 blued or $119 stainless. I've never owned one but seen lots of good reviews on them. At that price it's very tempting to give one a try. [link] [link] FWIW, I just recently picked up a threaded 20-in Kidd heavy barrel and like it alot.

ammohog mentioned in Ruger 10/22 Model #1121

Some good reviews on the 20" hammer forged beautiful blue barrel. Ran across this when looking for 10/22 mag loaders. My 18" blue hammer forged will hang with the Kidd and the Feddersen. It doesn't blush when keeping company with the big boys. You might consider a good scope for this one. [link]

nodak mentioned in Spiral Hammer Forged OEM barrel sale

Bearcat and Crackcornish turned me onto the deal and I found a free shipping code. Promo code 1022 gets free shipping on any order over $10.22 SS barrel [link] Blued barrel [link]
Do these have a match chamber?
No! They have what Ruger calls a "target" chamber, but it's not a real tight target chamber. It falls somewhere between the Ruger sporter chamber and a Bentz chamber.
That's the one, mine shoots so good I wouldn't consider something else. At 25 yards it's the same hole, at 100 I'm well under MOA .

1Rudedawg mentioned in Happy belated 10/22 day

Out of stock [link] as well as the blued [link]

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