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10/22® Takedown Screw

$4 USD
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dlidster mentioned in Need a action screw

Why not go straight to Ruger? [link]

gomi_otaku mentioned in Need a action screw

Wow, $4 for the screw and $6 for shipping. I'm thinking you can do better at Sapoutfitters or Wirthwein. I'm looking for two of these and either they are sold out or you buy the whole set of receiver hardware for $20. Of course, I need the trigger mount pins too so that may be the way to go.

crackedcornish mentioned in Which Takedown Screw

my original is still good after 50 years..you're only torquing them a dozen inch pounds, and it's the threads in the receiver that will fail before the threads on the screw will ... more
you can get one from Ruger [link] or you can go aftermarket [link] [link] [link]

rawhp mentioned in Action screw

$2.00 plus shipping: [link] Or $4 or $5 on ebay.
is this what you're asking for?

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