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10/22® & Mark-Series Pistol Filler Screw Set - Slot Head - B

$4 USD
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Clayton... Thank you for that suggestion. I had already tried Brownells and Midway to no avail. But now that I am searching for "receiver filler screws" (thanks to your suggestion) ... more

bearcatter mentioned in Receiver Filler Screws

ShopRuger has them at $2.00 for a set of four. I think their shipping is about $7. Better deal if you if you add a few other parts or accessories to the order. [link] Their home ... more

Coyotehunter223 mentioned in Receiver Filler Screws

Thanks Bearcatter! I found my screw but am going to look at this website and check them out. :bthumb:

ma96782 mentioned in Removing Scope rail?

Buy the filler screws and other factory parts here............ [link] Aloha, Mark .

Culprit1 mentioned in 10/22 Collectors Series - Sights

Buy some other stuff to offset shipping costs and add the 4 screws for 2 bucks: [link] MidwayUSA has them, too, but they're $2 each: [link]

mitchd mentioned in 10/22 Collectors Series - Sights

I have extra blue and SS plugs/screws, you can have them if you need them
Ruger store lists them but are sold out currently. but they have the stainless set in stock. $2 for the set of 4 [link]

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