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10/22® Magazine Latch Plunger Spring

$4 USD
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Well I posted about a week ago here about my feeding problems with my bx25 magazines. I installed a new plunger spring and it fixed the problem! I had a few jams which I blame ... more

langenc mentioned in Could it work without the spring?

If ordering from Ruger or our on line gunsmith, get a firing pin, the little springy down under the FP and the spring on top of the bolt. Will be less than 10 bucks for all inc ... more

RavenLunatic mentioned in stovepipe problems

Magazine latch spring: Midway Ruger

Corelogik mentioned in stovepipe problems

Right, factory springs. We we're talking about extra power ones. Ones with more "push". I also stretched mine a little bit, but honestly, I don't feel any difference. I would like ... more

AZ22s mentioned in BX-25 mag

Thanks for the info, just one more question? Do both BX-25 mags wobble when locked in your rifle? The fact that one of them works OK and the other not so much makes me lean towards ... more

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