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10/22® Fiber Optic Sight Set-ShopRuger

$22 USD
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sidewayzls1 mentioned in 10//22 fiber optic sights

I was thinking just installing a set of fiber optic sights on the newest 10/22 I bought. I ran across these on rugers website: [link] Can anyone on here tell me anything about ... more

Xane mentioned in High Vis Sights

HiViz offers these as options for a factory barrel: [link] Besides the Compact model 1168, as Jon mentioned, some Ruger Distributor Exclusives come with fiber optic sights: Model ... more
from Ruger you can get just the fiber optic replacement front sight blade for $20 [link] or you can get the replacement set of fiber optic sight for $20...yes you can get the set ... more
I got these from the Ruger site $19.56 + Shipping and the packaging says Ruger but when I looked at the side of the rear sight it's stamped Williams [link]

crackedcornish mentioned in Advice PLEASE

the Compacts came with them factory installed, so no issues with any height differences there and the two sets I put on other rifles were purchased as sets from Ruger [link]

ky-shooter mentioned in Advice PLEASE

Ok, that's a good priced set, thanks
1x BX-10 in the rifle + 3x BX-25's in front lower compartment. SR22 with spare mags up top. Cuz of the 16" barrel, both 1/2's of the rifle fit the [internal] front compartments. ... more

Chaser mentioned in Stock 10/22 questions

wb.. how big of a Boy are ya.. ? The CRR (compact) is 1.25" shorter.. older ones can be found in Walnut finished Birch/Beech stocks... the current offering is Tupperware only.. ... more

wbwanzer mentioned in Stock 10/22 questions

Thanks Chaser for the info and the links. Going to the Gettysburg gun show tomorrow. I'll see what's available. No hurry. I'm not giant. I was 5'10" before I got old :D and about ... more

HIghstandardguy mentioned in Williams Sight Question

I have these on a couple of my 10/22s and I really like them. [link] The problem I have is that the rear elevation screw won't stay put when I shoot the rifle. Does someone have ... more
I have an Aimpoint Micro H1 on one of my AR carbines, which is a great RDS, so while I do have access to a RDS, personally I'm going to run a 3x-9x BugBuster scope on my TD ..have ... more
So I ordered a set of these, haven't shipped yet so looks like I can back out if I really need to. Any opinions on these? At this point just looking for "better than factory original ... more

stevebla mentioned in Fiber Optic Sights

Welcome to forum. Aperture sights are better in my opinion. It would be more involved to convert your rifle. It would be worth looking at as you consider your options. Have fun ... more
just modded a Carbine birch/beech stock, and those are the Williams Firesights that come installed on the factory 16.1" Compact barrels..Ruger sells them for $20 a set

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