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1 Piece To-9 Tip-Off Ruger 10/22

$7 USD
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DESCRIPTION 1 Piece To-9 Tip-Off Ruger 10/22 by WEAVER Each Weaver base is machined to tight tolerances for a custom fit. Aluminum bases offer maximum strength for rings to hold tight. Find the compatible Weaver Mount for you with this CHART

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fw707 mentioned in Millet rings on 10/22 Weaver mt.

Yep, the narrow rail on top is for a 3/8" dovetail mount. The Rifleman rings use the "cross-slot" Weaver attachment. The base is a Weaver TO-9. They usually run around 5-7 bucks. ... more

Chaser mentioned in need a little help

If it's a newer 10/22 it will be this one below and usable...crappy but usable. [link] [link]

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