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1/8" 4Fl SE Carbide End Mill

$7 USD
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Diam. Inches: 1/8" Shank Diam.: 1/8" Length of Flutes: 1/2" Overall Length: 1 1/2" Solid Micrograin Carbide. Style E700.

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YoSam22 mentioned in Barrel swapping on a model 60

Here ya go: [link] I would add to this that you would want to buy a 1/8" end mill bit such as this: [link] [link] The end mill bit will make it much easier to get the hole started ... more

YoSam22 mentioned in Barrel Removal Marlin 60 795

Good News I decided to regrind my broken bit. Something I have no skill at. But I did it and it looked good. So, maybe not too smart, but I decided to drill, by hand!, from the ... more

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