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1/2" Picatinny Riser

$10 USD
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Made using the highest quality materials Tested for complete quality and reliability Provides 1/2 inch elevation to mounting rails Mounting height provides optimal sight alignment on tactical platforms Provides 1/2" elevation to mounting rails. Most scope installations require two. Burris Pica tinny riser 1/2"

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9x19 mentioned in New M&P 15-22

That's the standard mount that comes with the sight (plus a 1/2" riser), but on my Sig, I used a cheap QD mount from Amazon: 1/2" riser: [link] QD mount: [link] [link]

photoracer mentioned in New M&P 15-22

I have 3 of those QD mounts in the NcSTAR brand and they work very well. The only time I went with an other was on my multigun AR. I needed more forward overhang so used an AR-Stoner ... more

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