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Experience Comment From Date/Time
Positive (+1) Great Buyer and Wonderful Guy! From seller aqbill 03-13-2021
Positive (+1) Good communications and follow through. A+++++ From seller dstoenner 12-14-2020
Positive (+1) A++ Great Guy From seller Tap 09-17-2017
Positive (+1) Smooth transaction From seller jimbo60 04-30-2017
Positive (+1) Lightning fast payment. Great communications. A+++ From seller JerryP 06-24-2016
Positive (+1) Honest description, easy to deal with, fast shipping!! From buyer bustian 12-04-2015
Positive (+1) Another easy transaction with amblerrl. A+ From seller Bow Commander 04-15-2015
Positive (+1) Quick and painless. Good man to deal with. Thanks again. From seller frankush 02-09-2015
Positive (+1) Happy Happy Happy From buyer BigRig 12-04-2014
Positive (+1) Great guy to deal with, very understanding From seller Hi-NV Shooter 11-22-2014
Positive (+1) Good guy to deal with and fast shipping From buyer joe139 11-06-2014
Positive (+1) Smooth transaction. Very fast payment. Good guy to deal with From seller rebel4ever 09-23-2014
Positive (+1) Fast shipment. Excellent description and product. From buyer ddanns 08-14-2014
Positive (+1) great communications. payment was very prompt! From seller rokehe 07-27-2014
Positive (+1) Fast Payment and Great to deal with! From seller gvv1bis 05-27-2014
Positive (+1) Would do business with him again From buyer Tnbb33 05-05-2014
Positive (+1) Prompt communications & stock sent before he got my money order! A+++ From buyer dbr65 04-16-2014
Positive (+1) Everything as described, shipped fast, smooth transaction! From buyer Mr_Mcshiny 10-15-2013
Positive (+1) Great guy to deal with! A++++++ buyer!!!!!! From seller gothmog54 10-11-2013
Positive (+1) Great guy to deal with. Excellent transaction. From buyer rugersmith22 09-27-2013
Positive (+1) A+ From seller cedestech 09-14-2013
Positive (+1) One of the greatest guys you will ever deal with. From buyer hawkeye10 09-05-2013
Positive (+1) Always a pleasure to buy from Mr. Ambler. A real gentleman. Super fast From buyer 'ol shooter 08-26-2013
Positive (+1) Fast payment. Great communications. A+++++ From seller JerryP 06-01-2013
Positive (+1) Fast payment. Great communications. A++++ From seller JerryP 05-28-2013
Positive (+1) A+++++++++++++ From trader Jahoosafat 05-01-2013
Positive (+1) Very good to deal with. From buyer John56 04-24-2013
Positive (+1) Great communication, fast payment, very good buyer From seller 2brothers641 04-18-2013
Positive (+1) Quick payment. Recommended. From seller rosemont 02-23-2013
Positive (+1) Quick to pay, good communications. From seller OldSwede 01-19-2013
Positive (+1) ++++ Good guy to deal with, does what he says he will do. From buyer Deadi 01-19-2013
Positive (+1) Great Guy Fast Payment A+++ From seller lancaster_gent 12-30-2012
Positive (+1) Honest description, easy to deal with, fast shipping!! Thanks man! From buyer hytekrednek 12-21-2012
Positive (+1) Great communication! Super fast shipping! Thanks! From buyer attila 12-17-2012
Positive (+1) Good guy to deal with.... From seller JAP 12-08-2012
Positive (+1) fast shipping, trigger group arrived as described From buyer USMC0321 11-28-2012
Positive (+1) Outstanding guy to deal with ! Super fast payment ! A+ all the way ! From seller S&G Custom 11-26-2012
Positive (+1) Great guy, shipped fast, got just what I wanted!!! From buyer hogrider04 11-13-2012
Positive (+1) Great guy to deal with, Thank you and enjoy! From seller dads_addiction 11-08-2012
Positive (+1) fast trans. great guy -thx again A++++ From seller joliandthai 09-28-2012
Positive (+1) Very fast payment, thanks! From seller loydtucker 09-17-2012
Positive (+1) Always good to deal with... From buyer CPC 09-15-2012
Positive (+1) accurate description From buyer Midnitehound 09-05-2012
Positive (+1) Excellent to deal with. From seller JerryP 08-27-2012
Positive (+1) great prepared buyer From seller oscar 08-27-2012
Positive (+1) Would recommend to anyone! From seller 007 08-13-2012
Positive (+1) One of the best to do business with. From buyer CastleRocker 08-03-2012
Positive (+1) Good to buy from... From buyer CPC 08-02-2012
Positive (+1) Very easy, straightforward transaction. From buyer northernnecker 07-09-2012
Positive (+1) Very smooth deal. Good guy to deal with. A+ From seller dbr65 07-01-2012
Positive (+1) Great person to deal with. I trust him completely. From seller johnpeterson 06-17-2012
Positive (+1) Perfect to deal with, as nice a guy as I've met. From seller SLH 05-29-2012
Positive (+1) An excellent, quick, easy transaction. From buyer northernnecker 05-20-2012
Positive (+1) Two thumbs up...said "he'll take it" ...quick payment.. Standup guy... From seller Mike Towns 05-19-2012
Positive (+1) Excellent member to deal with ... From buyer LRRP-87 04-25-2012
Positive (+1) Thanks very much, a pleasure to do business with you, much appreciated From seller pelvis 04-22-2012
Positive (+1) Great Purhaser From seller btdrygulch 04-04-2012
Positive (+1) Fast pay, good communication, great to deal with. From seller MGR2 03-06-2012
Positive (+1) As always smooth and fast transaction 100%, satisfied From buyer TR247 02-16-2012
Positive (+1) Great Guy helped me out Thanks From buyer lancaster_gent 02-16-2012
Positive (+1) Real nice guy to deal with. Would recommend to all. From buyer 'ol shooter 02-11-2012
Positive (+1) Best transaction ever! From buyer spanishammer 02-11-2012
Positive (+1) Sent me Receiver Cross pins for FREE. How awesome is that !!! From buyer IowaNewbie 02-09-2012
Positive (+1) Great guy, super fast payment. A+++ From seller Chromie 02-02-2012
Positive (+1) Great Seller! Thanks Again! From buyer Clem-E 01-11-2012
Positive (+1) very quick pay,great communication ++ From seller outlinkk 12-27-2011
Positive (+1) Great to do business with. Prompt communication and payment. From seller [email protected] 12-16-2011
Positive (+1) A pristine trigger, a fair price, fast shipping. A buying pleasure. From buyer 'ol shooter 12-09-2011
Positive (+1) Smooth transaction and nice to deal with ! From seller joetinva 11-12-2011
Positive (+1) Great smooth transaction From buyer TR247 11-10-2011
Positive (+1) Great gay From buyer TR247 11-10-2011
Positive (+1) Great gay From buyer TR247 11-10-2011
Positive (+1) Thanks alot ! Nice guy and quick payment ! Thanks From seller Neel 11-08-2011
Positive (+1) THANKS for the fast $ From seller ELEY 11-05-2011
Positive (+1) Great buyer A+++ From seller Jetboater 10-19-2011
Positive (+1) Item was better than described From buyer fish1448 10-16-2011
Positive (+1) ++1 From buyer Ole' Man River 10-09-2011
Positive (+1) A good part for a good price, Looks better than the photos. From buyer 'ol shooter 10-01-2011
Positive (+1) Another no BS deal from Bobby. Item was priced fair and shipped quick. From buyer potthawg 09-19-2011
Positive (+1) Fast payment, overall easy transaction! From seller aa26 09-03-2011
Positive (+1) +1, smooth transaction, thanks! From buyer RRA1251 08-25-2011
Positive (+1) Nice trigger, good price, a pleasure to buy from. From buyer 'ol shooter 07-26-2011
Positive (+1) smooth transaction From buyer txlaman 06-23-2011
Positive (+1) a+ perfect transaction. From buyer nemohunter 06-22-2011
Positive (+1) Fast turn on shipping , Item was as listed & better . Thanks From buyer EZBS35 05-23-2011
Positive (+1) Great communication, generous seller, A+ transaction From buyer Chalk Dust 05-18-2011
Positive (+1) Would deal with anytime A++ From buyer EZBS35 05-18-2011
Positive (+1) Great guy to work with...your build will be very nice! From seller dads_addiction 05-11-2011
Positive (+1) EXCELLENT seller who went an extra mile + with me; highly recommended! From buyer maj45k 04-17-2011
Positive (+1) Great service From buyer gene starr 04-11-2011
Positive (+1) ...Can't Be Beat From seller doomanis 04-09-2011
Positive (+1) Great person to deal with! From seller ozarkrecluse 03-30-2011
Positive (+1) Great buyer! From seller Stan9106 03-27-2011
Positive (+1) Fast payment great to do business with From seller 22king 03-02-2011
Positive (+1) Good price on Kid bolt. Fast shipping. Thanks. From buyer Geoffrey 02-24-2011
Positive (+1) Great guy to do business with! A+ in my book! From seller cwcw 02-01-2011
Positive (+1) A happy easy transaction. From buyer buckyrocks 01-27-2011
Positive (+1) Would sell to again, a pleasure to do business with. From seller 452cz455 01-25-2011
Positive (+1) Smooth transaction on an awesome deal with great communication. From buyer swoop91 01-11-2011
Positive (+1) Very prompt communication, quick shipping. Product as advertised. From buyer Texas Patriot 12-22-2010
Positive (+1) Good communication and fast shipping. From buyer mark454 12-08-2010
Positive (+1) Excellent to deal with!!! From buyer IN-THE-10-RING 11-30-2010
Positive (+1) Excellent RFC member to deal with. Hopefully will do business again.A+ From seller Bow Commander 10-29-2010
Positive (+1) Perfect transaction - Great scope, as advertised - prompt shipping ... From buyer claybuster 10-09-2010
Positive (+1) Perfect description, excellent communication and fast shipping. From buyer Camel Toe 10-06-2010
Positive (+1) One of the smoothest transactions I have had...First class From buyer 1SE 10-02-2010
Positive (+1) Great scope. From buyer Henry4994 10-01-2010
Positive (+1) Fast shipping--even before payment arrived From buyer singleshooter 09-19-2010
Positive (+1) A+ Great guy to deal with. Excellent communication. Fast shipping. From buyer Bigfoot62 09-19-2010
Positive (+1) I cant say enough what a great person amblerrl is From buyer billbo 09-02-2010
Positive (+1) Excellent seller From buyer 9x19 08-13-2010
Positive (+1) smooth and easy. From buyer nemohunter 08-04-2010
Positive (+1) happy with deal no problems here From buyer tunni 07-29-2010
Positive (+1) Great to deal with, shipped fast and just as described. Thanks a lot From buyer skulick 07-29-2010
Positive (+1) AAAAA+++++ Super easy transaction and lightening fast delivery... From buyer Gizzy 03-07-2010
Positive (+1) Great Seller...Fast Shipping...As Described And More... A Pleasure! From buyer MadGrimey 02-06-2010
Positive (+1) Perfect Transaction From buyer ajgunner 01-30-2010
Positive (+1) Prompt payment & smooth transaction, A+++++! Thanks! From buyer arcticap 01-29-2010
Positive (+1) Good transaction! From buyer ghgrosh 01-26-2010
Positive (+1) A+++ One of the Best Guys on here Thanks again for the stock From buyer lancaster_gent 01-18-2010
Positive (+1) ~GREAT Seller!!~ Good Communication~Fast Shipping~A-1 In My Books!!~ From seller Neonbee 12-28-2009
Positive (+1) Great! Quick deal. From buyer tapauly 12-16-2009
Positive (+1) Very fast payment and great to deal with! From seller JEE 11-02-2009
Positive (+1) the BEST transaction ever.Fast shipping and very generous.Thanks!!!! From buyer RimfireRich22 10-30-2009
Positive (+1) Item as described and shipped quickly.A+ From buyer frtyfivsevnty 10-30-2009
Positive (+1) As always, a wonderful deal, great member, highly recommend From buyer R.P. Kelly 10-26-2009
Positive (+1) FAST PAYING BUYER i thank you From seller ELEY 08-16-2009
Positive (+1) Pleasure to do business with! From buyer DANNZO 07-29-2009
Positive (+1) Amblerri was great to do business with! From buyer DavidABQ 07-16-2009
Positive (+1) A Great person to deal with! From buyer LA Andy 07-01-2009
Positive (+1) Great contact, great communication, rapid payment, From seller R.P. Kelly 05-22-2009
Positive (+1) Fast shipping. Just as described. Would do bussines again. From buyer wade-19 02-25-2009
Positive (+1) Good communication, immediate payment,, pleasure to do business with. From seller R.P. Kelly 02-23-2009
Positive (+1) Great guy to deal with From buyer Pat4wd 01-14-2009
Positive (+1) 1st time purchase on rimfire. Thanx for a smooth transactions & et al From buyer lrbhd 11-30-2008
Positive (+1) Great to deal with! From buyer jimmie600 11-23-2008
Positive (+1) none From buyer Chris84 07-28-2008
Positive (+1) Great to deal with .... From buyer GREEN607 07-25-2008
Positive (+1) another faultless transaction. From buyer Deadi 07-09-2008
Positive (+1) Very quick to pay, thanks! From seller andy29075 06-24-2008
Positive (+1) Smooth Transaction. From seller Squirrel Chaser 06-12-2008
Positive (+1) Great Buyer, Sent immediate payment and easy to work with. From seller Shred 06-06-2008
Positive (+1) Great transaction! From buyer Dave G. 06-03-2008
Positive (+1) Great Seller!! Thanks. From buyer Slappys 22 05-07-2008
Positive (+1) all good quick respnce and great shipping/package From buyer chrisfiat 04-30-2008
Positive (+1) very helpful in willing to sell me this mach 2 From buyer Crazy Horse 03-06-2008
Positive (+1) 77/22 BARREL From seller blinddog 01-27-2008
Positive (+1) easy to work with and a fast shipper thanks for the stock From buyer YOTE3 01-15-2008
Positive (+1) Great Seller From buyer jeremiah0678 12-01-2007
Positive (+1) amblerri is a good guy to deal with. From buyer Deadi 10-11-2007
Positive (+1) Ad 711 for a CZ 452 From buyer HotRod9mm 09-27-2007

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