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FS Single Shot Adapters
Price: $14.00
Shipping: Shipping is included in price.
If interested in item(s): Click Here
Ad Placed On 09-15-2020
Time Left: 2w, 1d
Ad ID Number: 244199,  Views: 4829
Payment Terms: Paypal, Personal Check, USPS Money Order
Location: Texas
Ad Status: OPEN
Posted By:
Positive Feedback: 18
Negative Feedback: 0
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Ad Message
After using a CZ OEM single shot adapter for a few seasons I noticed it's begun to crack. It still functions fine but I started looking at alternatives. I saw the 3D printed ones offered on Ebay and Etsy and wasn't impressed. So I decided to make my own. I'm very pleased with how they look and function. I've sent several to some of the RFC members for testing and I've received positive feedback. So I've decided to offer them for sale.

These will work with CZ models 452, 453, 455, 457, 512, & 513 that are chambered for .22 Long Rifle or 17 HM2 (NOT For .22 Winchester Magnum or 17 HMR).

Available colors are Black, Blue, Red, Real Green, Orange, Camo Green, & Bright Green . I have other colors available (Grey, Silver, Yellow, Light Blue, etc) upon request. I can also add custom lettering to the sides if desired. Might be useful for clubs, personalization, etc. Inquire via PM

Price to RFC members is $14.00. I'll pick up the shipping for up to 3 pieces (approx $4.00 value). Shipping will be via USPS First Class Package with tracking.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR REMINGTON 511/513/521, REMINGTON 541/581, Winchester 52, 69, 69A, 75 etc & Anschutz 54 & 64 (including Exemplar). SEE BELOW ↓

USA sales only due to shipping restrictions.

I made a Silver/Grey one for one of the guys. I have a few extra if you're interested

I now have a version of the CZ SSA that works in the BRNO rifles. They have a "B" in the side as shown below. Price is $14.00 shipped as noted above. These will also work in the CZ models but have a little side-to-side play. They feed fine in my 452 American. They just don't fit quite as nicely as the the CS specific version. If you have both CZ & BRNO rifles I recommend trying the BRNO one first. I have a limited amount of BRNO SSAs available in Black, Red, & Blue. I'll make more as needed and I'll add colors if the demand justifies it. So if you want one of the other colors shown above please tell me and give me a few extra days to produce it.

I'm happy to introduce the single shot adapter for the Remington 511, 513, & 521 rifles. These have been tested in several 511 & a few 513 rifles. There seems to be a little variance between the rifles with the mag latch assembly attached to the receiver and the ones attached to the stock. I've done my best to come up with the best compromise between the two styles as well as differences due to manufacturing tolerances. I've been given the thumbs up from testers who have rifles with both types. Also, there's an unavoidable gap behind the adapter when the bolt is all the way open. In early prototypes, when the cartridge was inserted so the rim is hanging off the back the bolt would bind. I've done my best to radius the back of the adapter to compensate for this. It works fine in my 513T but I won't guarantee it won't bind in all cases. So I'll state...that for best results place the entire round on the adapter including the rim. After doing this for awhile it becomes second nature and is a non-issue.

Currently available in Black and "Remy Red", & Silver/Grey. I'll have other colors available in the near future. If you'd like a different color now please let me know. I'll make one for you asap.

The price for the Remington 511/513/521 single shot adapter is $16.00 shipped ($4.00 value) via USPS first class package with tracking.

The Remington 541/581 SS Adapters are now ready. They've been tested in several 541S, 541T, 541X, & 581 and they work well. Like the Rem 5-Teens there's some variance from rifle to rifle. So some may sit a little high when first inserted. Simply insert the SSA and pull down a little on the adapter so it seats against the magazine latch. Alternatively, you can just insert it with the bolt closed. This seems to resolve itself with use as the rough edges get knocked down a little.

Currently available in Remy Red, Black, & Remy Green. I'll add colors as time permits. If you want a different color just ask.

The price for the Remington 541/581 single shot adapter is $16.00 shipped ($4.00 value) via USPS first class package with tracking.

The Single Shot Adapter for the Winchesters are now available. These have been one of the more "interesting" projects I've had. Probably because I didn't have a Winchester bolt-action rifle to work with when I started. One of our members was kind enough to loan me his Winchester 52C target gun along with his model 69 for me to use to test prototypes. So I owe a big thank you to WinWest52! He now has some single shot adapters that were literally custom made for his 52C.

These have been sent out to various members (thank all of you too) for testing. Along with the 52C & 69 mentioned above these have also been tested in a Pre-A Slow Lock, Pre-A Speed Lock, 52B (x2), 52B custom sporter, 52C sporter (original) (x3), various 52 sporter repros, 69A (x3), and a 57. All feedback was good with no real issues (see below*). I thought I was ready to start production. Then I purchased and received a Browning 52 sporter repro on Christmas Eve. Full Disclosure; the SSA's don't work in it. The nose of the round comes in too low. So I sent one of SS adapters and some variations to a member who has all versions of the 52 repro and 3 original Winchester 52C sporters. They all worked in all the rifles he tested them in. I still can't figure out why it doesn't work in my 52R. I took the barreled action out of the stock and it works fine. Put everything back together and had the same issue. I'm disclosing all of this because I want it to be understood that, while I'd love for them to work in everybody's rifle, it's not very likely they will. There's too many different models, variations, etc. Combined with manufacturing tolerances it's hard to make something like this work in all cases. If you have an issue or you're unsatisfied with how it works for please let me know. You're welcome to send it back to me for a full refund.

*Notes for use. The SSA was a little high when inserted into one or two of the rifles tested. If this happens you can insert the SSA and pull it down from the bottom to seat it against the mag latch. Or just insert it with the bolt closed. Bolt should close fine after that. Also, there's a gap at the back of the SSA. If a round is inserted so the rim is hanging off the back it'll hang up. I've tried all kinds of combinations of radius and chamfers that did nothing to improve the issue. It only made it easier for the rim to drop back there. I finally went back to minimal radius in back to increase the size of the drop zone. So for best results insert the whole round on the feed area. It's a non-issue after you use it for awhile.

I have these made in Orange, Red, Black, and Silver/Gray. If you'd like a different color just let me know.

The price for the Winchester single shot adapter is $14.00. Once again I'll pick up shipping via USPS first class package with tracking ($4.00 value)

The Anschutz Single Shot Adapters are now ready!

These have been tested in 30 rifles and pistols in various configurations by several RFC members. I'm very pleased by how positive the feedback has been on these. Most have reported that they work very well for them. I'm confident they'll function as they should in most 54 & 64 action rifles and pistols. However, due to slight variations from gun to gun it would be silly for me to guarantee they'll work in all the guns out there. I will guarantee that, if you're not happy, you're welcome to return the adapter to me and I'll refund your money. More than one tester said it's about as perfect as I could make it. One of those members tested in 11 different guns. So I expect most will be satisfied.

If any you that tested these for me would like to share your feedback please add it to the comments section below.

These are currently available in Black, Red, Orange, & "Anschutz" Blue. A couple of you have said you'd like one in grey. I'll be making a few of those later this week. Please send me a PM so I know you're interested. Otherwise, if you see a color you'd like in one of my other models I make please let me know. I'll work it into production

The price for the Anschutz single shot adapter is $14.00. As usual, I'll pick up the shipping via USPS first class package with tracking ($4.00 value) for RFC members

Comments: 88
Posted By: tigmaned(17)
RPR, 11-01-2019 14:10
any plans to make some for Ruger Precision Rimfire 22lr??
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
11-01-2019 14:16
tigmaned, I'm considering doing some others but haven't thought about that one. I'll look into it
Posted By: azguy(18)
11-01-2019 17:45
Nicely done sir!
Posted By: 572dan(18)
rem 541, 11-01-2019 17:52
how about a single shot for a rem 580/541 series guns
Posted By: DrGunner(2)
11-01-2019 18:26
I have three of the single shot adapters that I got from PWNolan. Nice tight fit with no play in all three of my current 452 models. They look professional grade. Thanks again, Sir!

Question- Will you be making any more of those little single loader tools? Iíd love to buy a pile of those things.

Posted By: PWNolan(18)
11-01-2019 18:42
@572dan.....working on one for the 581/541, Anschutz, and possibly others
Posted By: teetertotter(2)
11-03-2019 08:13
Thank you Pat for the notification. Very nice and good luck with this venture!

For NRA Smallbore Silhouette Sanctioned Tournaments, I will have to see if this would be considered a modification in "Hunter CLass," for my particular .22LR stock, 452 American. Jon

PS: I do prefer the 5 rd clips, in my case.
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
11-03-2019 08:29
@teetertotter, Hi Jon, I remember looking it up for the WI state match at your club. For Hunter Class if the rifle was designed to be used with a box mag then ammo had to be fed from a box mag. The SSA adapter could be used only for standard class. I used the SSA for our unsanctioned matches at Sycamore but fed from the magazine when shooting Hunter class at your club. Take care - Pat
Posted By: eastbank(2)
SSA adapters, 11-04-2019 07:29
I,ll take three black SS adapters. pm me with your address for payment. thanks eastbank.
Posted By: humz(0)
Received my adapters today, 11-05-2019 16:08
Canít wait to get to the range to try. They look great! Will show to the other guys that shoot our matches. Thank you. Humz
Posted By: arnie19(1)
11-06-2019 17:33
One for a Win 52 C would be nice
Posted By: Hacker(2)
11-06-2019 22:41
I'll take one in blue. PM me with payment info.
Posted By: pepper51(28)
SSA Adapters, 11-07-2019 17:09
Just got two of these today. Feed perfect in my shop. Expect the same at the range. Well made. Recommend you try one.
Posted By: WinWest52(0)
CZ 452 SSA, 11-12-2019 03:21
I would like to order three SS adapters. PM please with payment info.
I would like to Second the request for a 52 C. Thank You, WinWest52
Posted By: Bobbyd50(0)
SSA Adapters, 11-12-2019 23:36
I would like to order two ssas one black and one red.
Please send payment info for PayPal
Posted By: webfoot56(95)
11-16-2019 21:42
i will take a blue one pm me with payment info--thanks
Posted By: toivo(3)
11-19-2019 02:20
Just received mine. This is a VERY high quality item. Let me know if/when you make something similar for the Savage MK II.
Posted By: WinWest52(0)
CZ SS Adapters, 11-20-2019 16:40
I just received 3 of Patís CZ SS Adapters. I could not be happier with the quality. I tried these in two 452ís and a 453, the proof is in the pudding.
They snap in solidly, feed flawlessly, and remove just as easily. I would highly
Recommend them to anyone in need of a SS adapter for CZ. Thank You Sir!
Posted By: Signalman(13)
11-24-2019 07:26
I looked at these just a few days a go and they are excellent. PWNolan does great work...I am going to order some for my CZ Magnum rifles when he makes them...very well done guys. Signalman
Posted By: oldbird13(8)
12-01-2019 14:54
I will take 3 of any color except black or lime green. Please advise what PayPal account you prefer to use. Thank you
Posted By: JerryP(109)
12-01-2019 16:32
I will take three of the camo green. Please pm me with PayPal details. Thank you.
Posted By: kidneyboy(1)
12-02-2019 17:41
I'll take 2 in red. Please PM paypal info.

Posted By: SLS(3)
12-03-2019 18:22
I like one in camo green. Please PM PayPal info. Thanks, Steve.
Posted By: oldbird13(8)
12-09-2019 18:17
Received all 3 today, very pleased. Thanks, recommend these to all. With these various colors they are sure to stand out/not get misplaced. +++++
Posted By: Tom_in_MO(1)
12-10-2019 21:42
I'd like one each in real green and camo green. Please PM me your address to send payment. Thank you for making these!
Posted By: kidneyboy(1)
12-12-2019 18:34
Received mine the other day. Very nice! Ran them in the 452 today and they work perfect.
Thanks and highly recommended.
Posted By: vernw(0)
Want 2 of these please, 12-18-2019 00:36
Pls PM with with address to PayPal you for two, one black and one red
Posted By: dryfly24(8)
01-01-2020 14:00

Iím in for a black one please. If not available Iíll take a green one. PM me the info when you get a chance so I can send you the PP...


Posted By: ICU308(1)
SS adaptors, 01-04-2020 19:19
Ordered 3 SS adaptors , and received quickly . They fit a CZ452 LH American , and a CZ452-2E Varmint like a glove . Fuctioned perfectly with dummy rounds . GR8 product !
Pat , I also noticed that you are working on protos for Remington 541/581 and Winchester 52/75 . When you have product available , please PM . I am up for some of each .
Job well done .
Thank you ,
Posted By: Lloyd S.(13)
01-14-2020 13:23
Check your PM's
Posted By: BScar(2)
Single Shot Adapters, 01-17-2020 08:11
Hey Pat, received the 3 SS adapters. They look fantastic and fit very well, now I just need the weather to cooperate so get to the range.
The silver one you made me will look great in my new benchrest build.

Thanks for a great product,
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
01-17-2020 10:48
@BScar Glad you like them!
Posted By: OldRvr(2)
Single Shot Adapters / Winchester 75, 01-17-2020 14:21
I Also would be interested in a couple of Adapters if you make them for the Winchester Model 75 .22 LR.
Thanks ,B.
Posted By: arnie19(1)
01-17-2020 15:05
Any news on the Win 52 C adapter yet ?
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
01-18-2020 00:09
@OldRvr & arnie19....the Winchester SS Adapters are being made now. Look for them sometime this weekend.
Posted By: trifivepu(2)
single shot adaptors, 01-20-2020 11:31
Do you have for Anschutz 1416? Thanks, Mike
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
01-20-2020 12:06
@trifivepu - Not yet, started working on it but had to put off to finish some other projects
Posted By: minimouse(0)
01-21-2020 22:27
I would like a red SSA for a Winchester 75. Please PM me with your payment info. Thanks!
Posted By: johns6(0)
Adaptor for Remington 541 T, 01-25-2020 14:17
Got it and it works great. Thanks
Posted By: minimouse(0)
01-29-2020 20:28
I got my Winchester SSA yesterday. It works fine in both of my 52 sporter reproductions--a Winchester and a Browning. I couldn't be happier. Thanks, Pat!
Posted By: OldRvr(2)
Winchester 75, 02-02-2020 19:54
Hi , Iíll take an adapter for a Model 75 Winchester in Grey , second choice would be Black. , P.M. Me with pymt. Instructions. Thanks ,B
Posted By: tomon(12)
I'll take 2!, 02-04-2020 23:33
Please send me a Red one for the Rem 513T, and a yellow one for the CZ 451/455/457. Please email payment instructions. Thanks in advance!
Posted By: OldRvr(2)
Got Mine !, 02-09-2020 17:26
I got mine Friday for my Winchester 75 and it fits very well, I will have try it out this week. Thanks again !
Posted By: Flynmoose(7)
CZ 452FS 22 WMR, 02-11-2020 13:17
If you ever produce an adapter for the 452 22WMR, please drop me a line. I don't care what color it is.
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
02-11-2020 14:03
@ Flynmoose....started working on it but other things have taken precedence. I'll have one for the CZ magnums in the near future
Posted By: poulintr(0)
02-18-2020 14:18
I'd like black ones, one for 513T, one for 511 (same?). How to order PayPal?
Posted By: Flynmoose(7)
02-18-2020 15:08
No worries, will buy when they are available.
Posted By: teetertotter(2)
Single Shot Adapter, 02-22-2020 16:37
Hi Patrick, I just saw your note on NRA SB Silhouette and you reminded me, that I cannot use the adapter in Hunter. I still have an NRA rules book, but is very old. I'm sure it has not changed. It is nice to hear you are doing well down southern way. You have been missed for a loooong time. I shoot Standard sometimes, but used to the 5 shot mag. It was nice to hear from you and much luck on your new venture! Jon
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
02-22-2020 17:44

Actually Jon, one of the RFC members recently told me that the requirement to load from a magazine is no longer in the rule book. He said that rule disappeared from the rule book a few years ago. I have rule books from 2010-2016. 2010-2015 state pretty clearly that you do have to load from a magazine for Hunter class. 2016 doesn't state it that way. So it appears that loading from a magazine (if rifle is so equipped) for Hunter class is no longer required.
Posted By: doglvr(1)
CZ wmr, 02-28-2020 11:33
I'm in for the 455, 512 in WMR whenever they are available. Thanks.
Posted By: jeronimo(2)
CZ SS Adapter, 03-08-2020 01:49
Thank you for offering these.
I would like a bright green one for my CZ 457, please.
Posted By: Gregg57(1)
CZ 455 single shot adapter, 03-13-2020 17:52
Mr. Nolan,
Received the single shot adapters today. Fit and release from magazine well is perfect. The trough that the cartridge rests in is just right. Design and finish is of OEM quality. I would recommend this adapter to anyone that wants or needs to shoot their rifle one round at a time. Looking forward to using this item at the range. Thank you.
Posted By: GMLightnin(0)
Single shot adapter, 03-14-2020 18:45
I would be interested in getting one for my Bergara B14R 22 lr. Let me know when they might be available. Thanks GM
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
03-14-2020 20:41
@GMLighnin....I'll get on that as soon as you send me your rifle to develop the SSA with.
Posted By: farnak48(29)
win 52C, 03-19-2020 17:09
Email information has been sent.
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
03-19-2020 17:38
@farnak48, I've received no email or message from you. Please send me a private message and let me know how I can help you
Posted By: captsin(1)
single shot adapters, 03-27-2020 09:44
Rec'd 2 Win.52 & the Rem.541 adapters. all work great. Thanks for your great service.
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
03-27-2020 10:00
@captsin...Thanks for your feedback! Glad you like them
Posted By: ljay(9)
win single mgs, 04-04-2020 08:58
I'll take 3 of diff colors you choose. Address please and check will be mailed to be cashed before sending along. Great work on your part, Jay
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
04-04-2020 10:15
@ ljay...please see the pm I sent. Thanks!
Posted By: oldbird13(8)
04-04-2020 11:43
I will take 2 of the Winchester single shot adapters, gray please. I deleted the post from when I bought the CZ models so I need the PayPal account info. Thank you, Craig
Posted By: aqbill(25)
04-04-2020 11:47
I'd like one each of the CZ 452, Remington 511 & Winchester 69 single shot adapters in red or orange. Send PayPal details please by PM or email. Many thanks!
Posted By: carbuyer(0)
CZ 453, 04-04-2020 14:34
Iím in for a black one please for CZ 453.
PM me the info when you get a chance so I can send you the PP...
Posted By: Bochim(0)
Thank You, 04-13-2020 09:55
Would like one for 457 in a bright color please, Thanks.
PM for pay pal or card and thanks, Steve
Posted By: Stevens22(0)
04-16-2020 10:53
Hello I would like a Orange or Zombie Green Adapter to fit a CZ 455. Please send me a PM so I can get you paid. Thanks, Stevens22
Posted By: Stevens22(0)
Great Product !!!, 04-25-2020 11:21
I purchased 2 of the mag adapters for my CZ's. I must say I was quite impressed, very high quality. Tried them both out and they worked flawlessly ! Highly recommend these if you are like me and like to push the round into the chamber for bench shooting. You can simply lay the round on the adapter and push it into the chamber. I believe you will get improved groups in any rifle by avoiding feeding the rounds from a magazine into the chamber. Great to do business as well shipping was fast and packaged very good.
Thanks again, Stevens22
Posted By: 572dan(18)
541 single shot, 05-02-2020 17:35
howdy, i will take a bright green one if you have, if not, then a red. for a 541t, send your pal pal info. thanks....dan
Posted By: th82457(8)
05-14-2020 17:59
I will take a CZ 455 version & a Rem. 541 version, any bright color. Please send address for Paypal payment. I would really like same for a Kimber K22, Sako Quad & Sako P94S to be developed. Sounds like I have too many rimfires !

Posted By: PWNolan(18)
05-14-2020 18:31
@th82457.... my PayPal is "[email protected]". I'll send you a PM to make sure you get the info. I'd like to be able to make these for the Kimbers & Sakos but I'm limited to making them for models I have on hand or have easy access to.
Posted By: OlePorchDog(0)
Savage MKII FVT, 05-17-2020 20:36
Do you make a single shot magazine for the Savage MKII FVT?
I would like to buy one.

charlei irby
Posted By: BBlount(9)
05-18-2020 07:37
I would like to purchase a single shot adapter for my Anschutz .17 HMR. Do you have any plans to make one for the Anschutz Model 1717 D rifle?
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
05-18-2020 09:46
@OlePorchDog - I do not make a single shot adapter for any Savage models at this point

@BBlount - No plans at this time to make a single shot adapter for the Anschutz magnum models
Posted By: Chili(0)
Tikka?, 05-18-2020 11:02
Any plans or demand for the Tikka T1X?
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
05-18-2020 11:44
@Chili - I've been really tempted to buy a T1X. However, it's hard for me to justify buying another rifle that I probably won't shoot much just to develop a SSA for it. My range time and match shooting have been severely limited since I moved to N. TX. So I'm apprehensive about buying another rifle when I have a safe full of nice ones that aren't being used. Gonna keep thinking on this one....
Posted By: gkgeiger(0)
05-27-2020 11:15
Also interested one for a Savage mall.
Posted By: gkgeiger(0)
05-27-2020 16:10
My post should have said Mark II. Spell correction did it again.
Posted By: BBlount(9)
06-16-2020 10:44
I would like to purchase one (1) Anschutz Single Shot Adapter in "Anschutz" Blue. This will be used in an Anschutz 1727 F. Please forward PayPal payment instructions.

Posted By: cyriltaylor(5)
06-17-2020 15:01
Iíd like one SSA for a Winchester 69a and one that will fit a Brno Model 2. PayPal instructions, please.
Posted By: JDuda(0)
SSA, 06-19-2020 07:20
Hello Mr Nolan! I would like to order 2 SSA for my CZ 457 and 2 for Anschutz 54 Fortner. But I need some help. I donít see your address. Thanks and have a fun vacation. Joe
Posted By: dlg59(0)
06-19-2020 11:42
I would like to order 3 of you CZ adapters 1 in light green and 2 black.
Posted By: HOMEY(0)
I wanna be part of the club too, 06-19-2020 20:59
1 cz in a bright color and 1 anschutz in darker color. Please pass along your PayPal info. Thank you
Posted By: dbuffington(11)
06-20-2020 19:46
Put me down for two Sako Quad adapters when/if they're available. Thanks! Dave
Posted By: NVaVettes(2)
Anschutz SSA, 08-18-2020 18:58
I would like to get 3 of your Anschutz single shot adapters.

Please let me know where to send the payment.


Posted By: gvnut(0)
Anschutz ssa, 09-03-2020 22:28
I would like 2 of your adapters for an anschutz 1712. Red or black and an anschutz blue. Let me know payment instructions.

Thought I had sent you this in case you get two requests
Posted By: PWNolan(18)
09-04-2020 00:56
gvnut - PM sent
Posted By: drdm103(0)
Anschutz MPR 64, 09-06-2020 08:30

Please put me on the list for for 1 of your SSA"s (color not important) for Anschutz MPR model 64. Thanks in advance.

Posted By: MKIII-5O(1)
Awesome, 09-09-2020 14:36
Got mine in the mail and they are awesome! Thank you
Posted By: nat47(8)
ssa, 09-16-2020 16:22
i would like 2 remington 541t in black, let me know paypal instructions

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