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FS 22LR Speed Loader Tubes for Tube-Fed Rifles
Price: $22.50
Shipping: Shipping is included in price.
If interested in item(s): Click Here
Ad Placed On 12-01-2021
Time Left: 3w, 6d
Ad ID Number: 191481,  Views: 10978
Payment Terms: PayPal
Location: Georgia
Ad Status: OPEN
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Ad Message
22LR Speed Loading Tubes for Tube-Fed Rifles

Price drop!
(Plus, see bottom of ad for new sizes for 22Mag & Centerfire)
  • Clear plastic tubes with Vinyl caps
  • Now includes EZ-Pull caps (as well as round caps)
  • Holds 15 rds of 22LR each
  • Will also accept 22 Short & Long
  • Can be cut-down with a razor knife for rifles with lower capacity
  • Free shipping via Priority Mail

I use these myself and they work great. It's a simple device, but very effective. And being clear allows you to verify that rounds are all in the correct orientation, plus see what type of ammo is in them, at least to some degree.

You're welcome to PM me, but using the following PayPal links below (in blue) is the easiest and surest way to order. I also accept USPS Money Orders. PayPal account is under our parent company name, Modus Design LLC.

Shipping is included in the price, but we only ship to US addresses. Sorry, no Canadian or other non-US orders accepted.

15-round Speedtubes for 22LR, Short & Long:

SBT-10 - 22LR/15-rd - Lot of 10 = $19.99 Shipped - click here

SBT-20 - 22LR/15-rd - Lot of 20 = $37.50 Shipped - click here

(not for 22Mag - see below for new item for 22WMR & 17HMR)

More Details:

When loading a rifle, I typically remove the cap from the open end of the speed tube and place it on the closed end. This not only helps me ensure that I don't lose the cap, but also allows me to insert the speed tube all the way into the magazine tube with the cap on the back end acting as a "stop" to keep the loading tube from falling all the way in (kind of like using a ramrod on a black power muzzle loader). That makes for a very quick reload.

They can be cut down with a razor knife to reduce the capacity if your rifle holds fewer than 15 rds of 22LR. I realize there are many models out there that will hold more than 15 rds too. I have a few of those myself,. But I don't usually worry about filling those to 100% capacity. 15 rds seems a reasonable amount, especially since it's so much quicker to load with speed tubes, not to mention the speed tubes tend to be more unwieldy to carry and use when they get too much longer than these. Personally, I also like that a pack of 10 of these holds three 50 rd boxes of ammo exactly. I carry mine in a mini-quiver designed for crossbow bolts, BTW.

Naturally, you fill them with all rounds in the proper direction depending on whether the rifle is "muzzle" loading tube or loads from the buttstock. For example, with a typical rifle with a magazine tube that loads from the muzzle end, your rounds will be placed in the speed tube "point down". When you tip the speed tube up and the rounds slide into the magazine tube they will end up facing forward.

Of course, these will also work for 22 Short and 22 Long. But they will not work properly with 22Mag or 17HMR. The rims on those are just enough wider that they are a tight fit and won't "drop free" for loading.

BTW, with direct links for PayPal transactions I don't always know your RFC handle. If you purchase using the links, which is best, please do let me know by PM so I can leave you positive Feedback! Or, of course, I will respond in kind to FB left of me.

Please PM any questions.

We now have 10-rd Speedtubes for Henry Big Boy centerfire rifles too!

BBT-05 - Big Boy Centerfire/10-rd - lot of 5 = $22.50 shipped - click here

And 12-rd capacity Speedtubes for 22Mag and 17HMR
(will also accommodate 16-rds 22LR)

MAG-22-10 - 22 Magnum rimfire/12-rd - Lot of 10 = $22.50 shipped - click here

Comments: 57
Posted By: Vanamal(1)
11-02-2017 23:48
Got my 20 thanks for quick ship. I think they will be easier to use than my turret style speed loader. Got my little bl22,9422 and 39a that use up a lot of ammo
Posted By: Promach(2)
11-08-2017 18:27
Great idea!
Posted By: hytekrednek(41)
12-08-2017 18:41
I just ordered 20. Thanks.
Posted By: wizard91(2)
12-17-2017 15:33
I just ordered 10. Thank you
Posted By: hoverspd(1)
20, 01-06-2018 10:20
just ordered 20 ...
Nick (Malcolm)
Posted By: PAndy(6)
01-07-2018 20:51
I just ordered some. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best!
Posted By: JMKnowles(0)
20, 01-10-2018 20:11
Just ordered 20. This will be great for my Marlin XT tube fed .22
Posted By: JMKnowles(0)
Thanks !!!, 01-15-2018 18:17
Thanks for the fast shipping & the great product. These are a great way to load a tube fed .22, and do it quickly !
Posted By: kidneyboy(1)
03-07-2018 18:12
Ordered 10 and received them in 3 days! Nicely packaged. Test loaded one today, a great way to reload the Henry.
Posted By: dingode(1)
PM sent, 04-09-2018 18:14
Sent a PM with a question about extra end caps.
Posted By: dingode(1)
Very happy!, 04-16-2018 20:58
I'm very happy with the tubes and the shipping was super fast.
Posted By: Bodalee(3)
04-27-2018 08:20
Just ordered 10 Thanks
Posted By: Lupey(5)
07-09-2018 14:56
Just ordered 10 as well.
Posted By: larry44(1)
08-08-2018 18:04
Just ordered. Thanks!
Posted By: jeronimo(2)
08-08-2018 21:57
Just ordered 10. Thanks for offering these!
Posted By: Bird-Dog(15)
08-13-2018 14:36
Running low on these at the moment. Still have a few bundles left, but after those go it'll be about 1-month before the next batch arrives.
Posted By: jeronimo(2)
Great Service!, 08-14-2018 14:41
Got mine yesterday.
Looking forward to using them.
+ feedback left!
Posted By: Bird-Dog(15)
Back in Stock, 09-14-2018 01:29
Back in Stock and ready to ship!
Posted By: PeterC(4)
Speed loader tubes., 09-16-2018 13:33
Great product, excellent service. Thanks.
Posted By: Bird-Dog(15)
Next shipment arrives Dec 15, 11-29-2018 11:32
Temporarily sold-out, but we'll have them back in stock mid-December. Taking pre-orders in the meantime. Should go out in plenty of time to deliver before Christmas.
Posted By: Tooty(2)
FS 22 RF SPEED LOADER TUBES, 01-05-2019 12:47
Posted By: Bird-Dog(15)
01-05-2019 14:06
Yes, they're back in stock. Sorry, I should have posted that they were back on Dec 15th.
Posted By: Tooty(2)
FS SPEED LOADERS, 01-06-2019 13:22
Posted By: rwadley(21)
Works great for Project Appleseed, 01-23-2019 15:32
This product works great for Project Appleseed
Posted By: lasttombstone(3)
02-15-2019 20:22
Birddog outdid himself with shipping. My reloaders came in quicker that I ever expected. Spent a little time last night getting them loaded up in anticipation of shooting today and did they ever work nicely. Just had to keep in mind which ones were loaded for regular tube feed and which for Nylon 66 stock feed. Sure was nice to just pull a cap and pore them in. Happy shooter here.
Posted By: dave bulla(0)
02-19-2019 04:47
Curious, how durable do these seem to be? Will they kink or bend or do they break if flexed? Do they hold their shape well in high heat like if left in the trunk of a car?

I like the idea but just have those basic questions.
Posted By: Bird-Dog(15)
02-19-2019 11:28
Yes, they can kink if you bend them too far. No, heat should not be a problem in normal situations (i.e. don't put 'em in the oven).
Posted By: dave bulla(0)
02-20-2019 20:09
Thank you.
Posted By: Johnnyr(0)
Any left?, 03-08-2019 15:31
Will they fit/work with Browning SA 22 short?
Posted By: Bird-Dog(15)
03-08-2019 16:13
Yes, plenty in-stock. And, yes, they work great with SA-22 Shorts. You'll probably want to cut the 15" tubes down to fit that rifles capacity of 16 rds of 22 Short (something like 11.5" or 12", IIRC). But of course, load 'em up and check the measurement before cutting.
Posted By: HoosierB17(1)
05-08-2019 17:30
these seem the checker for my Mossy 151 MB
Posted By: shyrex(1)
06-25-2019 07:49
Works fine with my Marlin 39A and Winchester 62A. A great item.
Posted By: oldsquid(1)
22LR Speed Loading Tubes for Tube-Fed Rifles, 08-17-2019 13:34
Just ordered a set of 10. Looking forward to getting them and trying them out. Hope they don't take too long to get to Arizona.
I'm shooting my Nylon 66 and Remington Model 12A a lot more lately. They're just so much durn fun!
Thanks for the lower price, too.

Posted By: oldsquid(1)
Got Them, 08-30-2019 18:36
They came a couple of days ago, and I am very pleased.

I'm going to take the Nylon 66 to the range tomorrow (Sat. 8/31/19) and give them a try.

I'm thinking I might have to order 10 more.

Posted By: bayliner2052(0)
I ordered, 08-31-2019 01:31
Great link to paypal, makes buying a breeze. Name on order is Vince Weidig. Thanks. This will make shooting my Winchester collection a lot easier.
Posted By: HoosierB17(1)
Help a ton!, 09-29-2019 12:33
I got my 5 and love them.
I loaded 10 rounds that my "tuber" holds and trimmed them to length.
These loaders make my Mossy a joy to shoot.
Thank you so much!
Posted By: OldRvr(2)
Nice Tubes, 01-22-2020 13:28
Excellent Idea ,loading in the comfort of a warm house then off to the Range (35 F today.) The greatest idea since Sliced Bread ! Thanks for shipping them so fast. , B.
Posted By: kidneyboy(1)
2nd set, 02-11-2020 07:45
Ordered a second set on the 7th and received the 10th. The new caps are great! Thanks!
Posted By: FACE-IT(0)
Do you sell in quantities of (5) ?, 02-16-2020 11:44
I would like to purchase 5 of these if possible.

Posted By: FACE-IT(0)
Do you sell in quantities of (5) ?, 02-16-2020 11:44
I would like to purchase 5 of these if possible.

Posted By: Bird-Dog(15)
02-16-2020 11:59
Sorry, no. Well sell them in packs of 10 or 20. Packaging and shipping costs too much sell in lesser quantities.
Posted By: Masterdale(1)
Just Ordered!, 03-28-2020 11:42
Just ordered my 10 rd. package. Really looking forward to trying them out.
Posted By: OldRvr(2)
Big Boy loaders, 04-05-2020 14:19
I got a chance to try my Loaders for my .357 Mag Henry Big Boy and
they make reloads at the Range a Breeze !
Not to mention all of the other applications I can think of for using the .22 loaders for. Like my Henry .22 , Winchester 1890 .22 and anything else with a Tube . Thanks again for a Great Innovation !
Posted By: dustoffer(12)
06-08-2020 20:27
This inspired me so I made one of my own--now I need a couple more--
Posted By: jack62(0)
Bought two packs for my Marlin 60 last week., 10-22-2020 18:34
Bought two packs for my Marlin 60 last week.
Great Idea!
Posted By: erslade51(1)
Great product!, 10-31-2020 17:01
My order came in a couple of days ago. I tried them out and they worked perfectly - great product and fast shipping. Thanks for selling these!
Posted By: CZ shooter(1)
These look good, 11-05-2020 11:37
I'm sort of a do-it-myself type but these look well thought out so ordered 10.
My 8yr old great grandson will like using these with the Marlin model 60.
Posted By: CZ shooter(1)
These look good, 11-05-2020 11:39
I'm sort of a do-it-myself type but these look well thought out so ordered 10.
My 8yr old great grandson will like using these with the Marlin model 60.
Posted By: CZ shooter(1)
Well Made, 11-13-2020 14:14
I received my loading tubes . Thank you Bird Dog. These simple tube loaders are quite handy. I like the way they go down into the loading tube.
Posted By: Seth391(0)
11-28-2020 21:57
Worked great. I filed my 981T 26 times and had a great time.
Posted By: MoondogNYC(0)
01-06-2021 14:58
Works. And for those of you who think, 'eh I can make this myself'. Well if you go out and order all the parts, unless you're buying in bulk it will cost you more per piece in shipping alone. Believe me, I tried. It spent over $12 just to make two similar pieces (which I still had to cut down to length) and said, why am I bothering?! Bird-Dog is doing a service as well as offering American-made goods so kudos!
Posted By: Bird-Dog(15)
01-06-2021 15:10
Thank you @MoondogNYC
Posted By: Pustic(0)
02-13-2021 22:46
I got some from Amazon.
Posted By: Bird-Dog(15)
02-14-2021 01:55
Yes, we do also sell them on Amazon.
Posted By: Pustic(0)
02-15-2021 23:43
Do you sell them as QUICK-FILL?
Posted By: Bird-Dog(15)
02-16-2021 01:38
Yes, Quick-Fill™ is our brand.
Posted By: Pustic(0)
02-18-2021 21:50
That's what I got.

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