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Old 12-08-2012, 10:23 PM
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Out of Battery Discharge

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Saw this again in another forum so I thought I would remind you guys and so I could add this to SuperStock Tech:

After a lot of shooting you build a ring on carbon, lube and lead right in front of the chamber. As this ring builds it will keep the round from fully seating in the chamber especially a tight chamber.

You see one coming by getting the symptoms of a round not seating all the way and the hammer will seat the round with the firing pin. You may get misfires or light strikes. Finally you get a load BANG!! and stuff goes flying out the ejection port and into the mag. It may send your extractor into the ozone!

You had what is called Out of Battery Discharge. It can happen to almost any kind of semi auto. I was sitting next to a friend's Rem Speedmaster when it had one and I got sprayed with brass and burning powder. Shooting glasses did their job that day. I am convinced, again, that shooting glasses can save your eyes. in a mirror it looked like I lost a fight with an ice pick! I ended up picking pieces of case brass and powder particles out of my cheeks and forehead but my ancient Remington Shooting glasses kept my eyes safe and were not even scratched.

My friend had his Speedmaster 30 years an never shot it again as I could not convince him that all he had to do was clean his rifle (he had not cleaned it in years). One well known RFC member of the time sold his entire 11 rifle collection of 10/22s after his first OBD!! ALL THEY HAD TO DO IS CLEAN THEIR CHAMBERS!

I keep this from happening by bending a "Rifle" (the longer brush) brush into an "L" with the leg going into the chamber a bit longer than a loaded 22 round. Slip it into the chamber through the ejection port and run it in and out and twist it. A little solvent helps. I use the brass brushes.

After that a patch or two to clean out the mess. I use a Patch Worm and just pull one wet patch and one or two dry.

Do this every 200-300 rounds and this is not likely to ever happen again.

Once you have had this happen you will get religion about keeping a clean chamber in your tight chambered semi auto!!

It has also been proven that the same carbon ring can cause first round fliers and other accuracy issues in ANY kind of 22lr

Lastly it is extremely important to NEVER rifle a 10/22 without magazine in place! Several RFC members have been injured over the years doing this. A KABOOM is more likely with the mag out of the rifle (why this is can be debated but it is a fact). With out the mag in place when the case lets go your hand or forearm is likely to be right under the magazine hole and all the crap from the case failure has a direct path to those areas of your body.

If this keeps one person from experiencing this nasty process it will have been worth it....
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