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Old 07-17-2003, 03:39 PM
Ole' Man River
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Additional 96/17 info

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For those that asked and for those who haven't yet.
Bob and Ed. Removing the left spring or just relaxing it is going to cause problems with light hits on the firing pin and subsequent hits on the case head rim. The hammer is basically the same as a 10/22, but a bit bigger. A little stoning will reduce the pull and keep the full strength of the springs applied to the hammer. The lever has a stop pin in it to keep the hammer from traveling past vertical, like the 10/22 hammer will. To help cure light hits even with both springs attached you can smooth down the ledge on the hammer that hits that stop pin, allowing the hammer to travel a bit farther and hit the firing pin with full force instead of being stopped by the pin. The pin is made of a much harder material than the hammer. Your manual calls the pin a Bolt Stop Pin #L00601A but it functions as a hammer stop. Do not remove it as removing the pin will allow the hammer to hit the end of the lever, when by chance the bolt isn't attached. which is only cast aluminum. You can also remove a very small amount of material from the rear of the bolt, where the firing pin protrudes, which will drive the pin a bit farther, when hit by the hammer.
The barrel I have on my light weight 96/17 is a Volquartsen 77/17 THM Carbon Fiber 16 3/8 inches long, #VC17THM-C.
The barrel must be supported at the end of the stock, even though it is light in weight, the heat from successive shots will cause it to sag and affects the accuracy. A pressure point just aggrevates the problem. Remember it is only a small diameter barrel surrounded by carbon fibers.
If your lever is not going closed all the way, your going to get light hits too. If you have to force it closed, your head spacing is too tight and needs adjusting. If it closes too easily the head spacing is too loose. Also keep the indent on the lever lubricated.
Correct head spacing gives the best accuracy, just like on a 77/17 or 10/22 magnum, etc. Again all disclaimers apply here. Your on your own and at your own risk. If in doubt send it to a gunsmith.
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Old 07-19-2003, 12:00 AM
Bob in Michigan

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Thanks a lot for all those details Ted.
I am pasting your post to a document, for reference.
Understand disclaimers, etc.
Best Regards,
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