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Old 11-05-2006, 12:10 PM
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Extended Commentary ... Receiver and Markings

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Winchester Model '94 ... Pre-64

Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
I love handling this rifle ... manipulating the lever and listening _to the workings of the action.
Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
It feels so natural to cycle the action.
Then, to lower the hammer with my thumb after I've squeezed
_the trigger to release the hammer.

While I was in high school I worked in the gun department
_of Leonard's Department Store in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.
I had the privilege of handling many Winchester 94s - carbines, rifles,
_commemoratives - new and used.
Lots of Marlin's as well.
Technically, I knew the Marlin's were clearly superior.
But, my heart always drew me towards the 94s.

One day the department Manager, one Mr. Wayne Dingler,
_ordered me to assist in a transfer of firearms.
He didn't ask me. He didn't tell me. In no uncertain terms he said,
_"Martinez, come with me" - in my mind, this was an order.

I knew, right then and there, something special was up.
He had purchased a gun collection from the estate of a physician
_who had recently passed away.
And needed to move the firearms from the back of a company van
_to a storage area for inventory.

Later ... much later, I found-out the deceased doctor had been
_a former client of Mr. Dingler.
Mr. Dingler had seen fit to include me in this solemn procession
_and final dispersal of a rifleman's property.

The Good Doctor had accumulated a large cache of fine custom rifles
_and shotguns - plus about five pristine Winchester 94s.
I had to make at least five trips with a material cart from the van
_to the third story of our building - there were so many guns.

After my last trip, I noticed the resident shotgun salesman (I can't,
_for the life of me, remember his name) was examining the Winchesters.
As I continued my work I heard him (old shotgun guy) say
_to Mr. Dingler, "Wayne, these are all pre-64s."

When the shotgun guy left, I casually walked over to Mr. Dingler
_(he was not Wayne to me) and asked, "How did he (old shotgun guy)
_know all the Winchester 94's were pre-64s?"
Mr. Dingler fixed his gaze on me and said, "he felt it."

I didn't understand his encrypted statement.
And, judging by Mr. Dingler's expression, he intended it so.
Mr. Dingler should have just said, "Grasshopper, you have much to learn."
But, I wasn't about to display my profound ignorance by asking ... how or why.
You see, Mr. Dingler was my most significant sensei of firearms.

Instantly, it became my mission to find-out the technical/mechanical differences.
And, more importantly ... the tactile distinction between post
_and pre 64 Winchester lever actions.
I had a lot to learn about Winchesters.
Up until that day, I was biased towards Remington's.

Holding my Walther Lever CO2 Rifle reminded me of that episode
_one day long ago ... about 1966-67.
I think I'm going to keep this Walther for a while.
There may be more deeply recessed memories waiting
_to be resurrected by this airgun.

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