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Old 12-30-2015, 02:28 PM
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2015 Ultimate 10-22 Contest Second Place: Luxus Tomahawk/Kidd SG by DrGunner

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2015 Ultimate 10-22 Second Place: "Luxus Tomahawk/KiddSG":

Rifle Name---------------------------Owner---------------Builder

"Luxus Tomahawk/Kidd SG"------DrGunner---------DrGunner

Dedication, by DrGunner:

I would like to extend a sincere THANKS to labratt104 for the nomination, to all who voted in the contest, and to admin for their steadfast support of the Ultimate 10-22 contest. It is truly an honor to be a part of such a great community where we can share our love for the hobby of rimfire shooting. To have a rifle that started as a gift from people I love finally finished and exceeding my own expectations in looks and performance brings me great joy and satisfaction. To have it ranked so high by my peers out of the hundreds of amazing rifles built by members of this site brings a sense of pride that is truly humbling.

We had a record number of voters for the final this year, I'm looking forward to see what next year brings. I think it's time to organize this competition into separate classes...

Hoping everyone has a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



Build Description and Specifications:

Tomahawk/Custom Kidd Supergrade/20" Fluted Black Stainless Steel Kidd .920 Match Barrel

This project began as a gift from my wife and nephew, who found this gorgeous Turkish walnut Luxus Tomahawk stock on eBay and bought it for me as a Christmas present in 2012.
I decided then that I wanted blued steel, a glossier finish, and the best inletting and bedding job I could find/create to make an heirloom quality silhouette rifle. I ordered a custom barreled action from Tony Kidd, back when he offered them- a Supergrade receiver, 20" stainless fluted match which was hand picked and lapped by Tony, then sent for black nitride treatment- so, instead of bluing I got the next better thing- black stainless steel.
I tested the barreled action in another BR stock, and it made an impressive showing. So, I sent the stock to George/azguy for inletting, Tru Oil finish, and installation of a Morgan adjustable butt pad. I then milled my own pillar and lower escutcheon did the pillar and rear tang bedding.
I matched it out with all Kidd internals, a Kidd 2 stage TG set at 8oz/8oz and milled, drilled and tapped a Kidd mag release to add a Chaser Skullie. I then swapped out the Kidd charging handle for a Vince Heier billet with Ruger eagle emblem.

This rifle is unbelievably comfortable and stable for offhand shooting.

The project took 2 years to complete, and the end result does not disappoint me in any way. I've only shot it at 100 yards a handful of times and posted a card in the MOA game at just over .5" agg @100.
Not bad for an offhand silhouette rifle!

Thanks for looking-

Luxus Apache Tomahawk, Exhibition grade Bastogne Walnut
Stock finish, Inletting for Pillar and rear tang by Azguy.
Custom pillar and front escutcheon milled and installed by DrGunner
Pillar and rear tang bedding with Devcon 10110 by DrGunner.
Receiver tapped to accept 1/4-20 screw.
Morgan adjustable butt pad
Browning Buffalo Nickel Sling & Talon Swivels
Kidd Supergrade rcvr with rear tang, 20 MOA rail
Kidd 20" Black Stainless Steel fluted bull barrel, Nitride Oxidation blackening, threaded to rcvr
Kidd Charging Rod, buffer & pins
Heier Customs billet Charging handle with Ruger eagle
Kidd scalloped bolt
Kidd 2 stage at 8oz/8oz
Scope: Sightron SII Big Sky 6-24x42 Silhouette scope with 1/2 MOA target dot
Rings: Warne Maxima QD High
Atlas Bipod on sling stud Picatinny rail adapter







100 Yards:


Click HERE

to link to the CONTEST ENTRY POST and view MORE PICS of DrGunner's Luxus Tomahawk/Kidd Supergrade!!!

Click HERE to link to the BUILD THREAD.

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Old 01-07-2016, 11:57 PM
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Congrats! That is one BEAUTIFUL rifle!
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Old 02-01-2019, 10:25 AM

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That Sir, is a piece of art.

As is the grouping.
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