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Old 09-27-2008, 10:18 PM
forrest r

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stocking up for cheap ammo challange

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Back on the road working so I figured it's time to stock up on ammo for the cheap ammo game. Finely cleared out most of the old stock that was laying around. You know, 2 boxes of this, 4 of that, the brick thats soo old couldn't remember where it came from or what decade you bought it in.

Made a list & found that most of it is federal. Figured I'd get 2 or 3 bricks at a time so there would be different lots to try. I want a case of each to really be able to see how accurate they are with different rifles over a long period of time in different weather conditions.

So far I have
case of510's
case of winchester 333's
4 boxes of am22 (keep finding bad lots) still need 6 boxes
2 bricks of federal standard velocity 8 to go
haven't been able to find any ae5022 when I do I'll just buy a case

On the side, I ran across some cci mini-mags for $4.69 a box, so I picked up 10 of them. Haven't shot them in years, figured why not. Figured I'd give the cci standard velocty a try, so when I go to dicks to pick up the federal standard velocity bricks, I grab a box of the cci's & use a coaches coupon. When I get a case of the federals from dicks, I'll have 10 boxes of cci's to play with.

The other ammo I'm really interested in is fiocche's hv22crn. It seems to shoot very well in the cheap ammo challange game. If I ever make up my mind, I'll have to order some.

I have 6 or 7 boxes of dyna-points laying around. A little over a case of moderators & russian target ammo. Federal, winchester & remington bulk ammo I can get any time. Unfornately there's always a ton of different remington ammo that I can get locally.

If anyone have any sugestions on ammo that shoots consistant groups out different rifles, I'm all ears.
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Old 09-28-2008, 12:30 AM

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Yep, I have a few suggestions. First if you have to buy a brick or worse still a case of ammo to qualify a target for the cheap ammo challenge, then I think you have violated the first principle; cheap!

For reasons I'm not sure of, I don't think CCI Standard Velocity is a accepted ammo in the contest. Same with MiniMags. In the case of CCI SV I think they would easily shoot qualified targets. I rather doubt it for MiniMags based on my experience with them.

I think I may be the only one shooting a target with Remington Cyclones that has qualified in the 50 yard cheap ammo challenge. Surprising, as about 3 out of 4 attempts qualified. Reminton Subsonics were quite easy to qualify, but this ammo has flyers, so you have to be prepared to shoot a few targets, if a flyer ruins the page. Dynapoints are hard to qualify, but it you shoot enough...

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Old 09-28-2008, 12:49 AM
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Now,now Ron. I have to side with forrest here. This crazy world of RFC is one of the few places where " cheap" and " not spending money" are not the same thing!! RH P.S. WHERE DID YOU FIND MINI- MAGS FOR $4.69 ??
Son, never forget. In this old world it's '' Root, hog, or die!!''.....Granddad Hatcher
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Old 09-28-2008, 06:40 AM
forrest r

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Aug 2006
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lol. Your absolutely right Ron! If it takes a case of ammo to qualify, why bother!!!

I was just stocking up on blamo ammo. Some of the ammo's I want I've shot before, the way prices keep going up & a new year is around the corner, I figured I'd stock up. The last couple of years it's seems the price has gone up at the beginning of the year. Alot of places will also have sales to reduce there inventory for tax reasons at the end of the year. That's when I look for low grade match ammo.

Never shot the 333's before,like the winchester experts & dyna-points, for $100 & change, why not?

Bought 1 box of the am22's last year, which I normally don't do. They shot great except for the fliers. Turned out that it was a box of 1 of the bad lots. These actually cost close to $25 a brick. Thought about this 1 for awhile, people seem to be doing good with it. Figured I'd give them a good hard look.

I know the mine-mags & standard velocity don't qualify. I just wanted to give them a try. I was just telling people how I was picking them up. With the coaches coupon a brick of federal standard velocity & a box of cci standard velocity comes to $17.10 out the door. Not bad!!!

Before the price of sk+ went up, I'd never pay $25 or more for a brick of ammo. That's why I didn't shoot cci's, aguila,s or the american target ammo's. Now sk+ is costing just shy of $400 a case to get it delivered to the door.

I guess I do things different than most people. When I try a brand of cheap ammo in a rifle, I like to take that ammo out 10 to 15 times with different lots of that ammo. I've found that I get a better evaluation of that ammo than going out & buying a box of this or 2 boxes of that. Right now I'm shooting 5 different rifles & 3 pistols, that takes a quantity of ammo to do.

I planned on spending $1000 for those 6 cases of ammo that I wanted. That's cheap for 6 cases of ammo. The most expensive is the fiocchi, thier 25% of what I was planning on spending. That's why I'm still debating on getting them or not.

I'm not planning on setting the world on fire with any of these ammo's. I'm just hoping to find a ammo that will shoot in the .3's at 25yds & '6's at 50yds with a ammo rifle combination.

Thanks Roothog, I'm actually saving money by doing this. I'm stocking up before the prices go up again. Shouldn't have to buy ammo for a couple of years. I got the mini-mags in Willmar mn at a k-mart. I don't know if it's a good price or not, thier dunham's had remington sub-sonics for $2.79 a box. I don't shoot it myself but it's a better price than $3+ at walmart.
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