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Old 06-09-2019, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Smoothtrigger View Post
To answer your question, I would have to say no.

I have a Kidd Supergrade with the screw in 20 inch target barrel in the McMillan stock.
I have shot over 11,000 rounds through it with 85% of them shot at some kind of competition target. The other 15% have been at Steel Challenges.

Has it shot a lot of 1/4 inch or smaller 5 shot groups at 50yds. Yes it has.
It holds the highest position in the 1/2 inch 10/22 game for any stock Kidd Supergrade with 4 back to back 5 shot groups at 50yd with a .226 average.
By the way, I have a long standing rule that I won't shoot more than 100 rounds total at any of these contests. (Couple of exceptions when the targets have 25 or 30 bulls. Then I'll go to as many as 200).

I think I've shot it in the Sawdust Challenge on this forum, but can't find it right now.
I've shot it at USBR targest were it averages in the micd 230's.

What that's telling us is that it's a mid .3 inch rifle on average.

I do have a couple of real 1/4 inch rifles in my Anschutz 1727F-22, and my Anschutz 1416 TH with it's new Benchmark barrel.
Both of those rifles shoot in the 240's on the USBR target, and can consistently like 85%...maybe more of the time shoot sub 1/4 inch 5 shot groups at 50yds..

The Kidd cannot.

So I feel very comfortable telling you that it's solid .3 inch rifle, but not a 1/4 inch one.

Originally Posted by DrGunner View Post
Smooth- great post
Itís average over time/1000s of rounds that matters.

Shooters come to RFC & look at the game threads & think that the groups atop the leader boards are representative of what a rifle can do... when in truth, they are cherry picked examples of what can happen when rifle, shooter, ammo, and conditions are just right. What they donít see are the dozens or even hundreds of cards that are thrown out because they donít make the grade.
Iíve shot targets that had 3 unbelievably outstanding groups, but had to be excluded because of one flyer in the fourth group.

If Iím honest, my Lilja barreled Kidd/ BR 10-22 and my Kidd SG are likely .3-.4Ē rifles, if I include all the cards that I shot and threw out in the process of cherry picking entries for the games.

Big difference between what a rifle CAN do, and what it does MOST of the time.

I havenít had enough time with it to truly tell, but my new to me Anschutz 1712 might be closer to a 1/4Ē rifle than any of the multiple 10-22s Iíve built.

Originally Posted by Smoothtrigger View Post
We're in 100% agreement.
I just limit my attempts a bit more than most.
But that's not to say I would do much better if I didn't, because I use great ammo and wait for excellent conditions.

I don't want the OP to Pick up a Supergrade with to high of expectations.
I love mine and find it to be shockingly accurate for a 10/22.
Having said that, I'm not sure the new stocks it comes in are as good as the McMillan.
I don't have any issue with the new barrel attaching with set screws incorporating the long shank. I trust Tony to have done it right.


In the customized for KIDD McMillan stock. Rear tang of course, but also pillared and machine bedded.
These three posts should be a sticky on 10/22 accuracy! GREAT POSTS!
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Old 06-09-2019, 08:57 PM

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Originally Posted by truckjohn View Post
The downside or shortening chambers is that they often start having trouble with extraction and chambering..... And in a semi-auto that means reliability with many types of ammo...

Know that as you move towards a more perfect chamber the gun will become far more picky on ammo.... Often this means you can't shoot cheap ammo anymore.... Ok - fine, maybe you don't like shooting cheap ammo because it's not accurate.... But it also means you can't hand the gun to your kids/grandkids with a $15 bulk pack of ammo and just let them fun-shoot....

I don't know about you guys - but I just don't do a whole lot of plinking with $18/50 ammo... It's just too expensive to burn up a couple hundred rounds on steel or cans...
I removed 55 thousandths off my Kidd Supergrade barrel and it will run CCI SV perfectly... haven't lost any ability to shoot all spectrums of ammunition
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