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Old 02-17-2003, 11:04 AM
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Thanks Guys!

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Been reading all these posts on the P22 pistols and decided I just had to have one.
Scrounged through the safe, pulled 3 rifles, and paid a visit to a gun store leaving with a NIB 5" model(Serial 30XX) and a new CZ "American".
After stripping and removing all packing preservative I headed to the club.
Fired 50 rounds of Win T-22, cleaning between each round with a weedwhacker pull-through, then 50 more cleaning after every 5.
Finally settled down and started shooting fully loaded mags of T-22, Win. Dynapoints, & Aguila Subsonics.
Firing a total of 300 rnds I had the following hiccups:
4 failures to chamber after firing(Aguila subsonic)*
*note- one could hear the difference in firing, these were squibs.
1 interesting failure to chamber(Aguila subsonic).
With 10 rounds loaded, I fired the first shot and saw 2 "things" eject, upon examination I found the chamber was empty, weird.
I can't figure how the thing ejected a round that hadn't been chambered, bizarre.(Yes I realize the instructions said ONLY USE HI-VELOCITY AMMO, I was just checking for functional boundarys )
I am extremely impressed with this little gun, and have no regrets.
Since it was pouring rain I couldn't "put 'er on paper", but had a great time rolling the steel plates on a tip-rack.
When I arrived home and broke 'er down I noticed slight wear on the slide latch and the indent on the slide(interestingly they had a steel pin in there for reducing wear, neat!) since the pin was slightly peened this made it wear on a slight bump in the frame, no problem. I had no problems with the safety, nor the -A suffix mags.
My barrel nut did come loose and I found I could use the fake comp as a non-marring wrench for tightening it.
I noticed there is no firing-pin stop so dryfiring could cause damage without the safety on.
My only real complaint is the rear sight, its slot is just too wide for my personal taste, but then, its not intended as a match sighting system anyway. Sadly, in my state, a Hunting rimfire handgun's barrel length must be 6" or longer, guess this'll be an informal plinker.
I like it!
Now, does anyone have the nickle plated version?(Wife likes its "look").
Who's selling the accessories?
Take care,
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Old 02-17-2003, 01:09 PM
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glad ya like it. ive been shooting rem. sub-sonic thru mine seems to be fine.
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