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Old 04-22-2017, 07:25 PM
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Disappointing first range trip with Model A: spring break in or mag tuning?

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Hello All,

Just had my first range trip with my Model A. It is in pretty decent shape, and I replaced the return/recoil spring-following tips from everyone and previous threads.

It came with one finger mag. I had one finger mag already. I found 2 other finger mags at my LGS, for $33 each. and one rolled-lip mag.

Loaded each up with Aguila SV pistol ammo [no CCI on hand today].

Proceeded to become frustrated.

With all but one of the magazines the Model A had failure to eject or failure to load, or both.

If it is failure to eject [fired round, but slide didn't pull shell out and toss it], the shell was still in the chamber- not stovepiped.

Sometimes it would eject but wouldn't strip the next round.

One mag it seemed to work fine with.

If it were stovepipes and failure to strip the new round, I'd think it was mag related, with no problems.

However, at least 2 of the times it happened it fired, click, I removed mag, racked slide and the shell was extracted/ejected.

This makes me wonder if it is a combination of needing to 'break in' the recoil spring AND mag tuning.

I intend to take the time to fine-tune the mags, but that may take me some months before I have the time to do so, as it will take me some hours at a range to do it right.

If there is anything I can do [without live ammo] in the garage to try to improve this, please let me know.

Thank you.
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Old 04-22-2017, 08:53 PM
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I am going to guess you got the wrong or improper installed spring in there. You dont mention if the slide locks back after the last shot. It should.

You used a wolff old model spring that requires trimming to 40 coils? Did you trim the excess coils? Edit: I just re-read your old post. It sounds like you did it right.

How did the gun shoot before you replaced the spring? You should have done a test fire to get a base line on the pistol.

I would stick with the one magazine that seems to work the best. I never load more than 5 rounds in the old magazine. FWIW. I dot see how a bad magazine could casue all those problems. Even though, I would go back and shoot a box (50) with the better magazine. Probably not worry about the other 4 mags until you are sure the pistol is right.

I found I could use my RCBS mechanical trigger pull gauge to measure fully compressed spring tension. You might get a reading if you have one of those.

BTW, you can also verify the recoil plunger (name?) will compress all way back flush.

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Old 04-23-2017, 08:12 AM
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This gun is a blowback operated gun. That is, the gas pressure extracts the empty and pushes the slide to the rear. If the gas pressure is too low then the slide will only partially travel, with the empty case not hitting the ejector, and the slide simply returns to battery, reinserting the empty case. I suspect that is what is happening in your case. I suggest an ammo change to CCI SV or a more energetic Std Vel ammo.

The failure to load is the same problem: The slide is failing to fully travel and consequently is not picking up a new round. If the gun has an automatic slide hold open on the last shot feature (my recollection is that the Model A does not) then if it fails to work that is an indication the slide is not traveling far enough in recoil.

Magazine lip adjustments correct feeding problems of ammo out of the magazine. If you are not seeing stove pipes and jams then your problem is not mag lip related. To assure yourself of this get ten dummy 22 rounds, remove the recoil spring and operate the gun manually as fast as you can. If every round feeds then you are sure it probably is not the magazines. But dummies are not real ammo and even the shape of the bullet varies from one make to another. I do not recommend this but some people remove the recoil spring, load a magazine with the ammo of choice, and manually operate the slide to watch the gun feed, extract and eject. All this proves is feeding is OK as the gun in real operation does no use the extractor to extract (gas pressure does that). This a unsafe test and those that use it do so at the range with the gun pointed down range.

So...the next thing to try is slightly more powerful Std Vel ammo.

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Old 04-23-2017, 10:48 AM
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I went through what LD posted here. I also noticed you called your ammo "Aguila SV Pistol" ammo. And I went through the Aguila website. There is only one type of ammo that has the word "Pistol" in it and that is Pistol Match. That particular ammo is rated at 925fps. CCI SV is rated at 1040fps or 1070fps (can't remember which). So obviously a little more power with the CCI SV. I think LD has a valid point to try the CCI SV or a SV with similar ballistic specifications such as Aguila Super Extra SV. Being that you have a new spring installed it might just be the fix you are looking for.
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