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Old 07-27-2021, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Bradical View Post
Now a racoon, that'd have me worried. They have been known to really tear dogs up and even kill them. Your Sam is lucky it was only a small wound.
Yea, Sam's a lucky dog; the coon, not so much. That particular fight was one of the absolute best dog/coon fights I'd ever witnessed. She was about 8 months old then and didn't know squat about hunting other than "put fuzzball up tree make dad happy". Except on the evening in question, the particular fuzzball didn't want to go up the tree and get shot. Now, Sis didn't bark on the tree then (and still won't much) but she was growling and yipping pretty good, so I knew she had something and started to her. Only when the yipping turned to squallin' I knew something was bad wrong. So I high-stepped it over to where she was and butt-chunked the coon off of her head; during this time I assume Sis got mad at the aforementioned coon and decided that she wasn't gonna take anymore of his crap. Whereupon, she set her teeth just behind his head and proceeded to shake said coon quite literally to death while he feebly attempted to bite/claw her eyes out. It was a good fight. Ever since that day, she's hated coons, possums, and groundhogs. Don't care for squirrels or rabbits much, either.

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Old 08-03-2021, 05:46 PM

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Started hunting a horse farm that has a few too many groundhogs. Last night I got number 29 for the season. This farm will have to be all 17 HMR or 17 WSM as there are a ton of small buildings on the property. Anyway this one was with the WSM about 70 yards away.

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Old 08-03-2021, 10:55 PM
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It's always fun to have new ground to hunt. Nice shooting Hogan1, as usual.

I've gotten out just about every night except Sundays and a couple of cat 1 tornados. I've seen nothing for the past two weeks. That is until last nnight. I spotted two that gave me decent opportunities. The first was from a solid rest off my sticks. I may have shot through some soy leaves. I thought I had a solid hold on a 127 yards slight down slope ranged target. Just watched him scamper off after the shot. Eika couldn't find a trace. But, now I know this guy's clover spot.

Shortly after, on my way out, I spotted a second. But, this was a more difficult off hand 100ish yard attempt.

Missing both both shots has gotten into my head. I cleaned the 17WSM for the first time this summer. And, I'm going to get to the range to make sure I haven't lost zero. I have to make sure it is all on me.

Until I'm able to verify the BMAG 17WSM is on, I'll borrow my son's CZ455 in 17HMR. It is a lot nicer to lug around.
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