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Old 05-24-2019, 08:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Tac Gunner View Post
So does anyone here actually shoot their PPQ .22 or just have it to use as a conversation piece when talking about German cities lol?

Seriously though nice testing of the slide and I guess to some it truly matters the origins of the gun but I'm mainly concerned with the quality, reliability, and overall performance of the gun. I'm looking to pick up a new .22lr pistol this year and this one is up towards the top of my list but I haven't found a whole lot of shooting reports on it. If anyone cares to share their experiences with that would be helpful. Thanks, guys!
So I had a chance to run some more rounds through the PPQ last night. Last time out my son had some issues with certain Federal rounds failing to extract. I cleaned the barrel, chamber, and lubed the gun.

I fired almost 200 rounds, 100 ea of Federal Auto Match (bulk, white box) and my go-to CCI Standard all without one incident of any kind.

The range has a max distance of 30 ft, and less than great lighting. 98% of the shots were inside the black on a NRA 50 ft indoor pistol target shooting standing 2-handed. The shots were going where they should, so I don't have any accuracy concerns.

Overall, the PPQ is my favorite .22 pistol, and one I'd recommend for anyone that is interested in a fun .22. It's not going to be a target gun, but is still accurate enough to hit what you're aiming at.

I stopped at the pistol counter on the way out of the range to handle a P22, and was surprised at how much smaller it is than the PPQ. For me, the P22 felt tiny, unlike the PPQ which feels very much like a normal 9mm pistol (though slightly lighter).
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Old 05-24-2019, 11:41 AM
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This is pretty much the same story with most short barrel .22 semi auto pistols....if the ammo is too weak to cycle the won't cycle. There is plenty of ammo that will though. Most people really like their PPQ .22. 1917
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