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Results June Longrange rimfire match.

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The June longrange rimfire match is now history, all I can say is the skill level of the shooters is really getting high. I made all targets no matter the size or difficulty the same value of 1 point per hit. No penalties or bonus targets, whoever hits the most targets wins the match.

The scores were really close and those that made the correct elevation or wind setting for their first shot gained a couple targets and that made a big difference. For some reason nearly everyone had to tweak their elevation settings, most were about 1 moa high at most distances. Those that carried that difference to the next rack did better than those that stuck to what their notes said.

Chris and I have been experimenting a bit with an old Winchester 52C that he's shot in quite a few matches with only 1 action screw holding it in place, the barrel would flop around in the stock but it shot right up there with the best guns. I always said I was going to bolt it to a 2x4 someday and see how it would do. I screwed together a few pieces of wood and made a couple nylon clamps to hold it to the forend and added a cut up Poweraid bottle to the rear for a cheek rest. It shot beyond either of our expectations. I let nearly everyone try it out at the match and I think it surprised all that shot it. Kinda makes you wonder now what it takes to make a gun shoot. I shot my Freedom Arms 22 revolver and I think I've finally got racks that are just too small for it to be competitive but I'm happy with the way it shot.

OK, here are the results, any ties I started at the far rack and most hits at distance dictated placements. Perfect score is 100 and that has to include hitting the 1" circle at 197 yards.

Winner will get a free entry next month, since Chris and I usually don't count our scores that gives Jim Lochary the free entry next month. Chris and Jim Lochary shot side by side thru the match his score is legitimate and witnessed in case anyone doubts that his used Ugly Beddy. As ugly and cobbed together it looks I'll put it up against any of the nonbenchrest or tuner type guns that shoot our matches, no idea why it shoots this good but its crazy scary accurate. I'll be doing a writeup on it soon for a few websites.

1. 98 Chris Kirkpatrick Ugly Beddy Win 52C SWFA 20x Wolf MT
2. 97 Jim Lochary (2) Anschutz MPR Vortex Wolf MT
3. 96 Mick Humphrey Anschutz MPR Burris Wolf MT
4. 96 Mike Moore (2) Savage SWFA Wolf MT
5. 95 John Schumacher Anschutz MPR SWFA 16x Wolf MT
6. 95 Wil Keller Anschutz Super Match SWFA 20x Wolf MT
7. 95 Tim Humphrey Rem 40x Night Force Wolf MT
8. 95 Jim Lochary Anschutz MPR Vortex Wolf MT
9. 93 Ted Kernik H&R mod 12 SWFA Wolf MT
10. 92 Mike Moore Anschutz Bushnell Wolf MT
11. 92 Carl Anschutz MPR Bushnell Wolf MT
12. 91 Dave Pritts (2) H&R mod 12 SWFA Tac-22
13. 90 Dave Pritts H&R mod 12 SWFA Tac-22
14. 89 Dave Calipare Kidd 10/22 SWFA Wolf MT
15. 87 Rick Harris Rem 541-S Leupold CCI SV
16. 87 Bill Nesbitt Ruger 10/22 SWFA Wolf MT
17. 86 Dan Piatt CZ 455 VT SWFA 16x Wolf MT
18. 86 Charlene Kirkpatrick Anschutz SWFA Wolf MT
19. 86 Bob Merillat Anschutz 64 March SK Match
20. 86 Shawn Lutey CZ 452 SWFA 16x Wolf MT
21. 85 Bill Harris Savage Bushnell CCI SV
22. 84 Butch McCort Rem 40x Vortex CCI SV
23. 83 Rube Perkins Ruger 10/22 Leupold Wolf MT
24. 82 Karen Marsh CZ Ultra Lux SWFA CCI SV
25. 71 Dennis Kirkpatrick Freedom Arms 22 revolver SWFA 16x Wolf MT
26. 63 Wayne King CZ SWFA Wolf MT

Hope everyone had fun, it was tough this month with some breezy days and high humidity. Nothing beats practice, you're welcome to come and use the range to tweak your settings. No Match in July due to Jamboree in the Hills being around our property. See you all in August.


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