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Old 08-26-2021, 11:58 AM

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Peep and Such...

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TK Peep sights: Tried it. Hated it. Now... I'm sure they work really well for some folks but I have spent too much time with equal height equal light that the centering the dot in the dot thing just didn't work for me at speed. They are well made and were easy to install.
Rear Sight: I love the VQ rear sight. It is, IMO - the best rear sight for the Ruger 22/45. I don't recall if they do a white outline or not - but I'm not a white outline fan, as the white outline confuses the light bars for me at speed. Just like I hate 3 dot sights... but... I digress.
Front Sight: If it's not Dawson, it's wrong. The TK, Hi-Vis and others are fine - but if I'm gonna buy a new front sight I'm going to buy a Dawson.
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Old 08-26-2021, 06:07 PM

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Originally Posted by Rocinante View Post
I'd probably have done the same if my eyes were younger.

I'm a believer in keeping it simple. But my eyes need the dot.

I understand that completely but if you ever want to try a fiber optic front I really like the Dawson.I prefer and run the red fiber but it comes with both red and green.The fiber is smaller than say a Hi Viz but plenty bright and sharp.Truth be told although I think I can aim more precise with the blacks at distance I would still be running the fiber optic if not for an issue I ran into.I installed an aftermarket lower pic rail for a light(I shoot a lot at night)and the Dawson was longer than the factory front and interfered with the attachment.

But now that I think about it since I took the red dot off I could also remove the top rail Then that little attachment would work.Heck I might have just talked myself into reinstalling the Dawson. : )
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Old 08-26-2021, 06:37 PM
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Go for it.

I may well put improved irons on both of my MKIVs when the current difficulties are over and more stuff is available.

After all.......I need the best if a red dot suddenly fails.

I'll remember the Dawson.

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