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Old 02-13-2020, 06:41 AM

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Buck Mark Lite Plus FDE Suppressor Ready

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I saw this pistol on Browning's web site. Even though I have several Buckmark pistols, I fell in love with this thing like a teenager with mail order bride photo:-)

Does anyone know if any dealers have this available? According to Browning, it is a shot show special build.

Here is the link to Browning's web page on the pistol.

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Old 02-13-2020, 09:25 AM
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Gun.deals cannot find one in stock right now (Feb 13)...

gun.deals search for UPC 023614742494

... but, if you go to those retailers that have a page for it (shown in the out-of-stock section of the gun.deals search results), and use the "notify me when this item is back in stock", you might have some success eventually. And/or keep checking the UPC number search results, until somebody shows it as being in stock.

History has shown that it will likely be a couple months (or more) before you see Buckmark Shot Show Specials available for retail sales, so you might have to be patient.


P.S. The Browning website erroneously lists the model name as "Buck Mark Lite Plus FDE Suppressor Ready", but it's clearly NOT a "Lite" model. Aside from the fact that it has a full-diameter stainless steel barrel, rather than the steel-sleeved aluminum barrel of the Lite models, at 38oz, it's definitely not on the lighter side of the Buckmark universe. Note that gun.deals and the various retailers that have product pages for it already, do not have the "Lite" in the name; that's why I labeled it as an error on the Browning website.

So, it's really a Buckmark with
* Cerakoted flat dark earth (FDE) frame, slide, and barrel... color name is "Elite Sand Cerakote", even though the model name says FDE.
* Threaded 5.9" stainless steel full-diameter (bull) barrel
* Removable muzzle brake
* Picatinny half-length top rail with 6 slots and a high-mounted rear sight
* The rear sight has a special "white outline" (I'd like to see a photo of that)
* Extra-high fiber-optic front sight (to see over a suppressor)
* Picatinny rail with 6 slots under the barrel (a.k.a. dust cover rail)
* Olive/black G-10 grips
* UFX / standard grip frame
* Slide with machined-in small ears (compatible with Tandemkross Halo)
* Comes with 2 magazines and a pistol rug

... which actually makes it a pretty interesting Buckmark.

Between the extra weight, top rail for mounting a red dot, muzzle brake, standard grip frame, and durable finish, it might make a pretty good Bullseye gun. The rail under the barrel would be a bonus, for when you want to train with a Mantis X. If the street price stays in the $550 range, it's not much more than a Field Target model, and the price increase is partially compensated by the second magazine.
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Old 02-13-2020, 10:55 AM

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The fact that it's got a threaded barrel, rail under the barrel and a rail on top is why I want it.

Almost all of the Buckmarks either have one or two of the aforementioned characteristics but not all three.

Their marketing and engineering departments need to do more homework. There have to be more Buckmark fans than me who want all three of those characteristics.

Thanks for the information.
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Old 02-14-2020, 05:58 PM

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I searched online and every one said out of stock.
They probably have not received that Buck Mark from the manufacturer yet.

FinFeatherFur usually receives Shot Show items at the beginning of March.
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