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Old 12-10-2019, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by papatrout65 View Post
Have had mine for 1 1/2 YRS AND LOVE IT. Had to buy aftermarket mags to get it to run right but no problems since. Very accurate out to 50 yds haven't tested past that and mine seems to like most 40 grain pills.
What is accurate to 50 yrds ? This I ask cause I am looking for a late season small game back up gun , which is a gun I carry holstered while grouse hunting or trout fishing . I am not capable with iron sights at fifty yards to shoot small game without an optic but with a solid rest would you feel comfortable to say 35 yrds. with this gun . My Lgs has one new in box at $459.00 and my mind thinking could a dovetail mount and say a vortex or Burris reflex sight be just the ticket, thoughts?
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Old 01-02-2020, 09:57 PM
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Finally Bought an RIA M1911A1-XT22

I originally opened this thread back in June of last year ( shows I have a little purchasing patience . . . at times ) and since there has been recent thread activity I will add an update here rather than start a new thread. I was window shopping at a LGS and low and behold there was an RIA M1911-A1 FS XTM-22 in the rimfire section. It was tucked toward the back of the case and I almost missed it. The price was a bit more than what I could have gotten it online, but when you include shipping and transfer fee it was a wash so I went ahead and bought it.

As others have already stated, the build quality seems decent for the price point. The barrel is very snug in the frame, the slide cycles smoothly, I like the weight at 36 oz as that matches up with my other 1911's, like the 15 round mag, however, the trigger seems just a little rough, but I think I have the 1911 skills to smooth that out and maybe even lighten it up just a tad. Overall - satisfied at this point.

The disassembly & re-assembly process (for the initial cleaning) was a bit challenging compared to my other 1911's. Everything is very tight thus the slide stop link removal & re-insertion almost required another pair of hands, but we managed to work our way through it. I'm sure that will improve after we get a few rounds through it.

I put 15 rounds into the magazine, inserted the mag, and manually cycled them through the action and that all went well. The magazines look very well made, however, that aforementioned mag loader might be worth looking into as well as the "Advanced Tactical" source for additional magazines as the LGS wanted $55 each.

Looking forward to the initial range session and will be testing out the following ammo types:
  • Aguila Silver Eagle 40 grain SP 1,875 fps
  • CCI Maxi-Mag 30 grain JHP+V 2,200 fps
  • CCI A22 35 grain BT 2,100 fps
  • Win X22HM 40 grain JHP 1,910 fps
  • Win X22MR1 40 grain FMJ 1,800 fps

Has anyone played with the self-defense rounds? Not that I am looking for this as a self-defense weapon . . . just wondering if the self-defense ammo would be an option for close-range critter/varmint hunting?

There are a few items I will look at changing:
  • I will add a set of Hogue Wraparound Rubber Grips with Finger Grooves as the front of the grip is too smooth - or a set of Pachmayr American Legend Grips.
  • I will look for some green lite pipe replacements for the front sight as my eyes seem to pick up green better than red.
  • Another option might be to have the flat top of that slide D/T to provide a mounting plate for a small reflex sight. Or use the rear sight dovetail.

I will update again after a range session(s) and we get a few hundred rounds to break it in.

Thanks to all the contributors to this thread as your input was well received. - Happy New Year -
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Old 01-03-2020, 07:18 AM

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At 35 yds on a good rest I would feel comfy shooting a groundhog and dropping it humanely. Sorry for the late response. I have used mine quite often and have no qualms taking shots at vermin with it. Mine seems to like just about all 40 grainers haven't tried Armscors yet don't know that I would.
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