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Old 10-23-2021, 02:43 PM

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M4-22 and standard AR15 Parts

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i finally have mine set up how i want it and figured i'd put some info here for anyone looking down the road.

  • bolt catch - this is a proprietary part made to fit tippman's magazines. no aftermarket parts swappable
  • charging handle - fairly obvious that this is a different part but beyond that the width of the channel inside the upper receiver is also a different dimension. also as a lefty i picked up the tippmann ambi handle.....and hated it. i have inquired with every manufacturer i can think of to get one made how radian makes one for the s&w 15-22 but no luck. for now have opted to go with the original charging handle, less the latch...effectively ambi now without an extra hunk of metal hanging off the left side of the gun.
  • forward takedown pin - confirmed same as AR15
  • forward takedown pin detent - not critical but just for the record, this pin is longer than a standard AR15 detent for some reason.
  • https://tippmannarms.com/m4-22-detent-pin/
  • rear takedown pin - confirmed same external dimensions as AR15 (diameter/length) however the rear takedown pin (unlike the front) appears to have a subtle difference in the depth of the detent and it won't 'click' when fully seated. regardless i kept the aftermarket ones in as they fit so tight they're not going anywhere detent or not.
  • forward assist - standard AR15 - the part you touch is plastic, inside portion is metal. have swapped with radian part.
  • magazine release - standard AR15 although actuation button is plastic. added ambi mag release with no issues
  • safety - as most know, standard AR15 for later models (>20k?). have swapped mine for elf push button safety
  • bolt - obvious one here it is different from AR15. but just for the record: the diameter of opening in rear of bolt is larger than M16 bolt and thus Law folding adapter is a no-go
  • buffer tube - confirmed milspec dimensions, although i did have to brute force a bit to get another end plate over the threads, it was snug. also worth noting is that there is no buffer retention detent in use here (not needed as buffer spring is self-contained system within the receiver extension.
  • end plate - same as standard AR15, retains the takedown pin detent/spring. swapped for milspec to remove the HK style sling attachments
  • trigger - as advertised it takes milspec triggers. i have a timney pcc in mine. worth noting the trigger pins while standard AR15 diameter are a little interesting. i swapped for milspec.
  • grip - takes AR15 grips. swapped mine for magpul. worth noting that the thread pitch of the grip screw is different than standard AR15 so don't lose it. the oem tipmann screw worked fine for magpul grip.
  • ejection port dust cover - this fits a standard AR15 dustcover (with some caveats), i swapped with a strike industries one and did have to modify slightly, it is not a drop-in fit at least for the SI as there is an inlay on the SI dust cover that extends slightly forward of the ejection port keeping the dust cover from closing flush. i just cut a bit of that off with a utility knife and good to go

hope this helps a future owner or prospective owner

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