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Old 09-13-2021, 05:11 PM

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The first day I shot my Victory was the most rounds I’ve fired in a day. It shot everything without issue. I’ve since put 4000-5000 rounds through it without issue except for a couple duds from a Remington “bucket of bullets”. My BIL shot it one day and liked it so he bought one. It wouldn’t run at all. I googled the issue. A screwdriver and a few minutes was all it took to fix it. AFAIK it still runs good. I have a 10” barreled Mark2, but never shoot it. The Victory is my most accurate pistol or I should say it’s the pistol I shoot most accurately.
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Originally Posted by StevieNH View Post
I DID have to do this to mine. It took all of a few seconds after take-down and resolved the problem completely. It's now about 5-6k rounds later and it cycles perfectly with just routine cleaning every so often.

I used a large flat-blade screwdriver to pry the ejector a couple of mm inward - enough to reliably catch the extracted casing, but not contact the bolt during cycling - and that was that. Just a tiny tweak is all that's needed. It's unfortunate that so many of these pistols hit the shelves with this problem because the fix is so easy, and permanent.
I agree. I tweaked on mine and have had 8000 rounds fired with only a few jam/miss feed/fail to eject problems with Good low price ammo. Its unfortunate that S&W let so many guns out the door with this issue but I would focus on the good....great gun, barrel, trigger and sights for good price.
Old 09-13-2021, 08:24 PM
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Apalachian2 and Camaro are right, once you get the Smith & Wesson Victory ejector adjusted, they run smooth as butter. I know, you shouldn't have to do that, but that's the way they are.
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My son and I each bought one about 4 years ago.... if they had been golf clubs, they would have both gone into the water trap!! Did a little research, found out about the ejector issue, fixed it, and never looked back. easily 5,000 rounds thru mine and no issue.
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Originally Posted by BobCole View Post
Why did you take their offers as a personal insult? All one has to do is tell them "no thanks" & move along. It's not personal, it's strictly business, to quote Michael Corleone.

I've worked gun shops & gun shows for over 30 years. It still amazes me how people treat a trade offer as if someone was insulting their wife.

Dealers don't keep in business by giving people what their gun is worth, otherwise they'd never make a dime on them. Add in the guys (like me) who expect a dealer to come off his price a bit to make a sale.

Normally a gun is worth (retail) about 60-75% of its original price IF it's in 95%+ condition with the original box. Wholesale will be in the 50-60% value. No box drops 25% off the trade value on top of that. If a dealer has a 1/2 dozen of the same model sitting in brand new condition, then the price drops even further. Why would he give you $300 when he can buy a new one for $300 & make more on them?

Not trying to lecture you or insult you. But the whole "insulted me" thing has always baffled me to no end.

My .o2
We don’t allow cursing. We don’t allow symbols to substitute for curse words, what a dealer or dealer said to you is irrelevant to the issue of the pistol. Thread closed.

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