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Old 08-18-2021, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Technician1 View Post
i seen your 50yrd on 4 power head shot

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That was a fun weekend, health issues and my hunting partner dying on me had kept me from hunting for several years, the fire got re-lit that weekend. That's as hard core a group of Squirrel hunters as I've ever been around. We did a lot of math that weekend, very enlightening if you know what I mean. The scope was actually on 4.5x, its a Burris Timberline, no longer on that rifle the 32mm just didn't let in enough light in those woods.
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Old 08-27-2021, 11:50 AM

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[QUOTE=squirrel1;12428651]Yeah I bought 22 shorts for 60 cents a box of 50 back yonder.
Ammo wonít get any cheaper.

My concern with hm2 was two fold. Lack of model guns made for it, and then ammo shortage. Then lilja quit making barrels.
When they started again I got in.

I shot air rifles at squirrels mainly 2003-2004. Then shot hmr for a few years. Then the hm2 ammo shortage hit. Turned me off. So used 22 lr.

That Air Arms 177 caliber suppressed I had did a number on a load of squirrels.
Dec 2004-Feb 2005, I made numerous 8 plus squirrel kills out of same walnut tree.
Was a tremendous 3 months of squirrel hunting. Be off early Dec a squirrel could hardly be found around here. They moved in fast and big. Few hickory trees beared.

My hunting strategy when leaves are off and on has changed somewhat.
Thanks to hm2 and my shooting stick I made.
Hunt faster and more efficient. Less steps made overall which means me making less noise.

Yeah the folks around here eyes roll when I tell them hunt stories with hmr and hm2 on squirrels. They think I am telling tall tales. I just look at them and grin.
And on occasion I do get to give a demo. Sometimes on paper. Sometimes on a longer distance squirrel.

Funny thing happened last late summer. These 3 brothers and one other gent, they are loggers and think they are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to hunting.
While they were on logging site I would visit during their lunch break.
I had the hm2 with me and was telling them about some of my recent hunting adventures. The one gent jumps up goes to his truck and get one of those small square stick on orange price labels peels it off what it was on sticks in on a small box. He comes up to me and says you probably canít even hit this. Youíre BSing us all about what you or the gun can do.
So he walks away hangs box up on a tree about 40 yard away. Comes back and ask can you hit that label? I said I should be able to.
I already had my shooting stick there and he had seen it.
So I sat on one of the fresh real big Logs they had cut stuck. gun up on shooting stick and shot at label. I knew I had hit it. He couldnít see that I had though. The others were paying attention. So he goes and sees I had hit the label. And then he said heck if you can do that I can too. So I hand him the gun and shooting stick. He shot and missed. Then one of the others said if I could do it he could. So I give him the gun and stick. He shot and missed. Then they both started making excuses.
Yeah some talk a good game. I like to see production though, less talk.
One of these gents just as of late said he wanted to go squirrel hunting with me.
But up jumped the devil.
He evidently has been watching my crossbow videos. He has become more leery of me.
Now he says he canít see well enough to squirrel hunt.
Think heís afraid heíll get his azz burnt if he goes with me.

I do get my kicks out of people.
And the funny thing is this last gent above.
I was telling him what I could do with Ravin crossbow.
He thought I was joshing him.
He bought one and now he is trying to tell me what the crossbows will do.

I am still waiting to get a lesson from him either with his bow or his rimfire.
Iíll likely be waiting a long long time.

Everyday I at least shoulder one of my rifles 6 times. Believe it or not this is practice for me. Some at least.
Twenty plus years ago I didnít need hm2 to have bountiful season harvest.. woods here have changed a lot. Logged out. Lots of more open places. Now hm2 gives clear advantage. In clean log yards on the ridges. You get in one of those squirrels will see you. So take hm2 and stop short of log yard. And shoot longer distances across log yards 50 plus yards, sometimes as far as 80 with leaves on.
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Old 08-27-2021, 01:02 PM
carbineone is online now

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Fella had 4 brand new production 500 Packs for 100.00 OTD apeice at the last local show..Just about one..But bought another Rifle instead He will likely have them at the next show soon too..Maybe then..I would be much more comfortable with 80.00 though..That is what I paid a few months back at a local show for Eley anyway..

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