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Old 04-20-2020, 06:26 PM

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I've read multiple times that the reason Charter Arms AR-7s were jam-o-matics was the fault of the mags.

If that's true would that not imply that using Henry mags in a Charter Arms AR-7 would bring Charter Arms AR-7s up to acceptable standards?

Anyone tried it?
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Old 04-22-2020, 12:30 PM

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Henry only improved 2 things over the older AR-7 mags. First, they added a small spring clip to help prevent the bullet nose from rising too fast. There is no adjustment for it, so it works good on some of their mags but not so good on others. I wish they would have added a clip on both sides, instead of only on the left.

The second thing they improved was the bottom of the follower. Older mags had a cone that fit into the spring, while Henry has a cylinder. This only makes a difference in feeding the final round. As long as the spring is relatively new and strong, the cylinder lifts the rim of the last round much better. I wish they would have designed the follower to limit how much it tips. I modified mine, and it works much better.

So, my Survival Arms AR-7 was one of those jam-o-matics when I bought it. It came with one older mag and one Henry. I can tell you the Henry mag is NOT a magic fix.

The first thing that needs fixed is the mag release. If it allows the mag to sit low and floppy, no mag is going to work well. It needs to hold the mag solidly, up at the top of the mag well. I took my release to my gunsmith's welder and had him TIG a bead on top. Then I shaped it myself to hold the mag correctly.

The feed lips may need a little adjusting, but they aren't nearly as big of problem as the feed ramp. As every bullet is pushed up, the ramp is pushed down. The ramp is just a bend in the thin sheet metal. It needs to be bent back up every so often to avoid the bullet nose hitting below the chamber. Every time it gets bent down and back up, it gets weaker and needs corrected more often. Henry mags do not fix this problem.

The fix for low feeds is to have a feed ramp below the chamber. Henry added this to their barrels, and I added one to my SA barrel.

Since fixing the mag release, follower, and adding a feed ramp, my AR-7 has fed several thousand rounds without a jam. The thing is still only reliable with HV ammo though.
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